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    Yesterday, 01:56 PM
    Right in my wheelhouse!
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    Dec 11, 18, 05:56 PM
    At the collegiate level you first need coaching. Players take you to the next level, though. USC has led the Pac-10 in recruiting the past five years and they have sub-par coaching, which reflects in the result. I have not seen him in a recruit's house, but Klieman is not the most charismatic guy in front of a camera. I question his ability to rile up the alumni base or be the figurehead of a program. If it is simply coaching, Klieman is the...
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    Dec 11, 18, 09:05 AM
    Both Cousins and Keenum are good statistically, but not the type of QB that can lead your team anywhere. Personally I would take Keenum because he has more winning intangibles about him. Said it at the time of the acquisition. Cousins is a prime example of how fantasy football distorts the true image of what kind of player he really is. Cousins is a .500 QB that puts up empty stats, makes crucial turnovers when you least need it, and looks like...
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    Dec 10, 18, 09:20 PM
    Very rare to see a Power Five school take a gamble on a FCS coach. The AD at KSU is the guy who promoted Klieman from d-coordinator to head coach five years ago.
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    Dec 10, 18, 09:18 PM
    Most will not know the name, but Klieman is the head coach at North Dakota State University. Klieman is 67-6 in his five years in Fargo. He will finish out the season with the Bison through however long they make it in the playoffs. NDSU is 13-0 this season.
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    Dec 9, 18, 09:24 PM
    I would have followed that from mid-field, but Tannehill ain’t throwing the ball 75-80 yards in the air.
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    Dec 8, 18, 11:04 AM
    I hear you Grant, but you are comparing Notre Dame up against Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, etc. I’m an Irish fan, but the reality is they have not been considered - for good reason - among the top tier of teams in some time. Where they stand in the power structure, I don’t see it being of greater benefit. If we were talking one of the modern day elites, it makes sense. Making the Final Four at a 20% clip is a lofty goal for most. Irish included.
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    Dec 7, 18, 09:08 AM
    bugatti replied to a thread Josh Allen in College Football
    Congrats to Allen. Dude is about to get paid.
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    Dec 7, 18, 09:07 AM
    But to be fair, I never invest much into bowl results due to the weirdness of taking off a month and being placed in some strange environment to play a game. I do not give Saban an edge because of the time off. I do think something goes into having been there before and knowing the routine.
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    Dec 7, 18, 09:04 AM
    There you go. Additionally, I thought Bama looked horrible in the title game against Texas, whichever year that was. Luckily Colt McCoy got injured right at the start or they lose that one. The final score makes it look convincing, but that was a three point game late in the fourth. OU in the Sugar Bowl was another bad loss.
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    Dec 5, 18, 04:57 PM
    It was assumed going into this game a few LSU players will sit out because of draft aspirations. That is huge advantage UCF as Greedy Williams, one of the corners, is the best player on either roster.
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    Dec 4, 18, 10:23 AM
    Horrendous. I was in first place and lost my last four games. I did back into the playoffs as our lowest (#6) seed.
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    Dec 3, 18, 10:05 AM
    I never understand the "give Coach X this much time to prepare" as if the other team is sitting around doing nothing take. Some Saban lead teams have had some duds in bowl games. Who the hell knows what you are going to get in these games. We take a sport that is played weekly and that element is suddenly removed.
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    Dec 3, 18, 09:58 AM
    The game from a couple seasons ago in the monsoon still haunts me. Notre Dame had Clemson beat and let them off the hook.
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    Dec 3, 18, 09:55 AM
    Hmm... I wonder if he will go back to the college ranks? The Bulls are a horribly constructed team and right on course to finish where we all thought they would.
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    Dec 3, 18, 09:53 AM
    Did you read the post of mine you quoted? I specifically cited the Penn State game as an example and you took it to mean I was applying it to every snap of the season and boasted his performance against Northwestern, which was tremendous. You are being hyperbolic with the eight win stuff. The talent gap between Ohio State and the rest of their opponents is so excessive it will not allow them to win any less than 10 games. Another reason his...
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    Dec 3, 18, 09:36 AM
    59% is nowhere near the average now in the NFL. By NFL standards, that is actually really bad. Some of that can be offset with his running ability, but it is obvious the passing game has been scaled back to fit Jackson's strengths. The threat to run allows for much more of a potent running game, which is great for Jackson and the Ravens. We are short into his tenure, so we will see where this takes us. NFL history shows a more developed passing...
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    Dec 3, 18, 09:26 AM
    This should have happened long ago, but Rodgers is about as difficult of a star player to be around. I find him insufferable and divaish. On a podcast I was listening to last week, someone described him as Jay Cutler with more talent. Never a good sign when ex-teammates are always railing against you.
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