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    Oct 18, 17, 09:26 PM
    My assumption is that they are.
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    Oct 18, 17, 03:32 AM
    1. Trinity (9-0) Same story last week as the week before, Trinity easily beats another team. This time Seneca 42-0. Next week will be Ballard and the story will mostly be the same. 2. St. Xavier (7-1) X pretty much cemented its place as the number 2 team in the Louisville Power Rankings and possibly the state as a whole with a very solid shut out win (27-0) over number 3 Male. Things get a bit easier as they welcome Butler this week. ...
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    Oct 16, 17, 03:55 AM
    I not sure if that is fair, the BSA I would have to believe is much larger than the GSA so it make since their awards are naturally more well known.
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    Oct 16, 17, 03:22 AM
    Old Grappler explained it better than I that the perception of the Eagle Scout is more prestigious than the Gold Award. I have heard of the Eagle since 1st grade when I heard the older guys talking about perusing the Eagle Scout. I never remember hearing the girls talking about the Gold Award, the first time I even heard of it was at my first after college job when someone I worked with mentioned she had it.
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    Oct 15, 17, 05:25 PM
    I believe the Eagle Scout Award is much more difficult and therefore much more prestigious.
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    Oct 11, 17, 02:07 AM
    Let's be honest, after about 9th, 10th or so, the strength of Louisville area teams starts dropping off fairly quickly among about a dozen or so teams that haven't done much to separate themselves from the pack so which are mentioned OR if any should be mentioned at all is not a huge focus and rarely even discussed on here. Should I have mentioned CH, possibly but last year I got caught up in the CH hype on the Lou ranking thread from various...
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    Oct 8, 17, 02:23 PM
    Opps, had temporary dislectcia with the acronym.
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    Oct 8, 17, 04:05 AM
    1. Trinity (8-0) – Pretty much expected results last Friday against Eastern. Most likely same story this week against Seneca. Hopefully the backups get plenty of reps should they be needed in the playoffs. 2. St. Xavier (6-1) – St. X gets back to its winning ways with a convincing victory over Manual. This week's game versus Male should be an absolute battle and will be this week's game of the week. 3. Male (7-1) – Bryan Station...
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    Oct 6, 17, 02:12 PM
    1. Trinity (7-0) Trinity continues its dominance by shutting out the number 2 team in the state, St. X 28-0. Next week's game versus Eastern could get ugly quick. 2. St. Xavier (5-1) X will stay at number 2 despite the loss. At this point, no one in Louisville 6A would give Trinity a much better game. X versus H will determine if X stays at number 2. Next week is another rival in Manual which has struggled with St. X over the past...
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    Oct 4, 17, 12:40 AM
    I believe Trinity and X do not do them due to their presidents not wanting them. Not sure why, we do two at a Trivia fundraiser for Lifehouse Louisville.
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    Sep 29, 17, 08:12 AM
    1. Trinity (6-0) Trinity had a pretty easy time with Jeffersontown last week but this is Pride week and St. X will be ready to give the Rocks all they can in this week's Game of the Week. Trinity is the obvious favorite but rivalry games can be unpredictable. 2. St. Xavier (5-0) St. X had a nice win over a very strong PRP. This week will be X's strongest opponent in Trinity 3. Male (5-1) Male pounded a good Butler team 35-6. A...
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    Sep 28, 17, 04:04 AM
    Bert replied to a thread Becoming A Trucker in BGP Break Room
    Someone told me he recommends to avoid places that want you to lease the truck, the extra amount per mile doesn't compensate for it. Also, do most truckers sleep in the cab? I would think that would be tough for me being 6 foot 6 inches and have a hard time sleeping with my legs bent, ie I generally sleep with one or both legs straight.
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    Sep 28, 17, 03:47 AM
    Kinda odd how his "mystique" went away in the last 15 years or so. You really never heard much about him in that time frame.x I guess getting married did that when he no longer had multiple girlfriends at the same time? It seemed like when he was dated Holly Madison and Kendra Williamson was when he was at his peak I guess. Holly Madison probably the most since she just didn't have the dumb blonde playmate stereotype, she seemed very...
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    Sep 28, 17, 03:30 AM
    I would say kneeling is reserved for showing reverence for someone ie when a guy proposes to his wife or before God ie Every Knee Shall Bend or if you are Catholic or Eastern Orthodox, before the Eucharist. We stand to honor someone or something or to show that it deserves honor such as when a judge enters a court room "All rise!" or when the President enters the chambers of Congress for State of the Union or when we say the pledge of...
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    Sep 28, 17, 02:52 AM
    The only way that would be true would be if these recruits are smart enough to realize 50-100k is chump change compared to what top draft pics will be making on draft day and with shoe contracts, etc. and Cal can sell them on his system being the best to prepare them to be a top draft pick. I won't hold my breath on the kids being smart enough to realize 100k is peanuts in the big picture.
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    Sep 27, 17, 12:00 PM
    All major channels I assume?
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