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    May 21, 18, 11:36 PM
    B-Ball-fan replied to a thread Shower Beers in BGP Break Room
    I honestly have no experience with this, and though not exactly sure why, I am a bit intrigued by the idea, however my first hunch says to use good sense and drink from a can, and not a glass bottle or mug. Broken glass in the shower just sounds too much like trouble.
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    May 20, 18, 05:41 PM
    It's mind boggling how some parents don't use good sense with their kids when it comes to radical movies. A few years ago I was on an 8 hour flight where the 3-4 year old girl sitting in the row in front of me was fidgety and irritable the entire time except for the last hour when she finally fell asleep, and was wining when her parents tried to wake her to get off of the plane. Needless to say I didn't manage any sleep that I so much...
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    May 18, 18, 11:35 PM
    Just like everything else this will all be old news in short order, and no one will care anymore much like last year's fidget spinners, but I can't help but to wonder what if...:idunno: ...Just what if people... we as a culture get stuck on this, and we can't stop ourselves from perpetually going around and around and around listening to these nonsense words and comparing, and listening and debating, and listening and being perplexed, and...
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    May 17, 18, 10:53 PM
    I hear "Yammy"
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    May 16, 18, 04:13 PM
    Thanks for the tip as I've never heard of him, but like what you've posted...I'll have to dig deeper. :thumb: Not exactly of course, but right off the bat the tonality of his voice sorta reminded me of Jackson Browne, and then when it went a bit further there were definite euro vibes in his accent with also a smidgen of that Chris Martin head voice transiting to a bit of a falsetto, but more in a baritone kind of way. I once attended a...
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    May 13, 18, 07:41 AM
    Guessing that you already know that Fleet Foxes are gonna be in Louisville on May 23rd. Guessing too that you'll be there?
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    May 12, 18, 10:30 PM
    He (they) just played a couple of weeks ago at the outdoor Homecoming Festival at the new Cincinnati Riverfront Smale Park that was in conjunction with the annual MusicNow Festival. If I had timed things better I could have watched and listened from the Roebling Bridge. Really dig "The Night We Met" but need to hear more, so I'm glad you're giving it a thumbs up. There were a few acts I would've liked to have caught, but I ended up...
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    May 9, 18, 04:00 PM
    Riverfront Stadium GABP Wrigley Field
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    May 8, 18, 07:06 AM
    I stumbled upon it many moons ago looking for Kentucky high school basketball info, and then got sucked into the rest of it over time through osmosis. I generally view it first and foremost as a site covering all things Kentucky high school sports where the general discussion type forums have been effective in unifying its core members no matter which level, or type of sports they follow first.
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    May 5, 18, 11:26 PM
    OMG had the greatest time at the derby party I attended. My childhood neighbor has been running it now yearly for nearly 40 years, and though I've missed a few here and there I am so glad that I attended this year. Such a great time with good people from my roots.
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    May 1, 18, 11:20 PM
    Any word on the wings at the 915 in Ft. Thomas? I was there recently with some friends, and a nearby table was having wings, and they smelled magnificent. Didn't see if they were good and plump, but my mouth is still watering thinking of that scent that was permeating all around me.
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    Apr 28, 18, 10:57 PM
    I think that there are two kinds of people who end up with heroin addiction. First those who for reasons of pain started out on strong painkillers and became addicted to them, and then those who are inclined to drink, smoke, snort, and eventually shoot anything that comes their way because of their partying mentality. A few years ago on a couple of occasions I was prescribed some strong painkillers after a couple of serious operations, and...
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    Apr 28, 18, 07:12 PM
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    Apr 28, 18, 06:20 PM
    That's cool... that should a great show. :thumb: Not sure how he presently sets up his stage, but when I saw him about 15 years ago he went all out loading the stage with a monster pile of junk that must've taken numerous trucks to haul around, and quite an ordeal for his stage crew to set up night after night. This song "I Never Cry" is interesting in that it truly is a great emotional song, but wrapped up in his theatrics it's hard to...
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    Apr 28, 18, 01:00 PM
    Seems like a thread worthy of a little bit of soundtrackin' here and there, whadda ya say?
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    Apr 28, 18, 06:41 AM
    Sometimes I can wonder if I'm really in touch with my feelings, and can feel somewhat emotionless in normal situations where others around me are reduced to tears, but as soon as I hear certain music, for example at a funeral, or super emotional songs, or love songs that I feel a close kinship to the words along with the mood of the melody, and especially violins, cellos, flutes, or emotional chord structures, say on the piano or acoustic...
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    Apr 27, 18, 11:30 AM
    Congratulations to Joel Day :thumb: Such a dependable and efficient guard with a high basketball IQ...really enjoyed watching his game.
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    Apr 26, 18, 08:29 AM
    We all know that I'm no ladies' man, but this gal looks alright to me. :idunno:
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    Apr 23, 18, 11:09 PM
    C'mon that's a bunch of baioni and you know it. Just messing with you... I couldn't resist. :lol2: In all seriousness, you're probably right.
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    Apr 23, 18, 04:32 PM
    Alright, firstly I'll freely admit that I don't follow high school baseball very closely, and what I do know I catch as tidbits here at random... ...such as Highlands is loaded with future D1 players, CovCath is always talented, but can't get over the hump, and some believe it's time for Krumps to go, and this highly anticipated game at GABP had been scheduled months ago. So the final score of this big game was CovCath 11- Zip I don't...
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