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    Yesterday, 05:37 PM
    Are they for real treating this like college recruiting? Visits and interest? Jeez. For the love of everything holy don’t let him come back to Bowling Green High.....
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    May 18, 18, 07:20 AM
    Seems likely that the first team to win at home will win this series.
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    May 17, 18, 03:36 PM
    The problem is that I've yet to see him even in the second round in any mock. I see the point that if he can get drafted at all that he might want to take the leap due to injury risk, but if he's already out of the second round grading, and he can't perform at the combine, then what hope does he have of realistically believing he'll get drafted at all? If he ends up in the G league... he can make that type of money playing overseas even if he...
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    May 17, 18, 02:12 PM
    I originally could hear only Yanny, but I can now hear both. Just based on what I choose to focus on. I feel pretty good actually, given that I feel like I'm getting hard of hearing. Supposedly younger people are able to hear Yanny?
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    May 16, 18, 04:48 PM
    South has had great success in most sports but boys basketball just confounds them. I always inferred that they pushed Clubb out. That has proven to be a big error.
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    May 15, 18, 03:45 PM
    Logan County will step back. As bad as they were before? Probably not. But many still can’t figure out how they beat Hoptown and Madisonville in the regular season last year, and the Tigers proved why in the playoffs. I see a 7-3 season this time around.
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    May 12, 18, 10:40 AM
    I'm officially team Winnipeg all the way forward now. I was very conflicted between them and Nashville once Pittsburgh went out. Canada has suffered for a long time without a winner in their sport (25 years) - it's time.
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    May 8, 18, 11:15 AM
    I can't explain why, because I really enjoyed Ant-Man, but I'm not looking forward to the sequel at all. The trailers just have not done anything for me to this point to get me excited.
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    May 6, 18, 09:15 AM
    Hoping the Penguins can still somehow pull this off. I really dislike the Capitals.
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    May 4, 18, 03:01 PM
    Echoing the others - What's New and then go from there. I do start in HS Football via my bookmark, which at least gives me a moment to see if one of the threads piques immediate interest. Then it is off to What's New.
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    May 3, 18, 01:49 PM
    SPARED! The universe is gonna need me.
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    May 2, 18, 02:43 PM
    This is the fourth school in the 4th Region that he has coached at, with previous stints at Barren County, Glasgow (twice), and Russell County preceding it. No other coach has done that since the 80s, and that one (Gerald Sinclair) coached four schools within one county. Tinsley is a very good coach - his tenure at Barren County included that school's only region title and is one of the last ones to be won by a team outside the 14th District. ...
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    May 2, 18, 11:04 AM
    As others have said, if he's good enough to play there, recruit him. I personally believe he is good enough to play, and I think it would benefit them to have some guys that might actually stick around for more than a year or two. That's not the same as saying "don't go get the elite". As for the debate about people wishing they could go back to 10-15 years ago.... I honestly don't know what to even say to them at this point. I certainly...
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    May 2, 18, 10:02 AM
    This was a blog that the Girl Scouts posted last year before the formal announcement: Girl Scout Blog: Girl Scouts Is the Girl Leadership Expert And a news story at that point: Girl Scouts slam Boy Scouts' decision to accept girls: 'The Boy Scouts' house is on fire' Single gender organizations have their place. I think to claim otherwise is folly. How do you address that properly viewed through the lens of these type of...
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    Apr 30, 18, 01:27 PM
    Doctor Strange shines in this movie IMO. I thought he worked much better than in his own film. Black Panther and Spider-Man going makes it incredibly clear the deaths won’t stick. With the guardians, I wouldn’t be shocked if Gamora stays gone. But I also expect her back.
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    Apr 28, 18, 12:23 PM
    Good movie. I wouldn't call it great, but that's mostly because it's more of a spectacle type movie in my opinion. But I can't think of much I didn't like about it.
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    Apr 27, 18, 11:04 AM
    This basically describes exactly my experience, aside from the $10 limit - I'll pay for pretty much anything that allows it with a card. Pay it off, collect points/cash back, rinse, repeat. I'm not into Venmo or anything like that, so for paying people back I still will do cash, but that's one of the only areas I'm still using cash primarily.
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    Apr 26, 18, 10:35 PM
    I’m glad Jackson got to go in the first round. I was really hating that for him to be there and fall that far.
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    Apr 26, 18, 09:02 PM
    I love Derwin James to the Chargers. They're stacked on D.
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