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    Dec 10, 17, 01:04 PM
    From Twitter @BarstoolWestern: Found this amusing enough to post while I still can, since this is one of the few times in the last 10 years WKU has led in RPI! Too bad our football program tanked in one year while our basketball team did a 180.
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    Dec 10, 17, 01:02 PM
    Anyone from NKY know how on earth Jake Ohmer was unable to get any D1 offers other than WKU? Not even NKU? I'm so glad Stansbury found this kid and gave him a chance. He has been lighting it up as a freshman against the 9th toughest schedule in the country.
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    Dec 5, 17, 01:17 AM
    I gotta give you props GrantNKY, I honestly fell for your practical joke on us in the last thread about this sort of topic, but now I have to hand it to you. I can tell you're impersonating the stereotypical uninformed CFB fan who bashes teams as a way to compensate. I fell for it, but it's actually a pretty good shtick. I probably would have never noticed it was a fake act, but you went a little too far in this thread and exposed yourself to...
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    Dec 3, 17, 06:31 PM
    We probably shouldn't keep derailing this thread, so I'll stop after this post. I'd love you to show me which games on those teams schedules you would have UCF losing where they would have anything close to a losing season. I think it will show a lot about how large your P5 bias is.
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    Dec 3, 17, 06:21 PM
    I do follow it, quite a bit. You might look at recruiting rankings and what not and think there is some huge gap but outside of the Top 50 players or so, it is so unreliable, especially when kids get huge bumps in ratings just for committing to a particular "big" school. If you think they would honestly go 6-6 you must not know much about football outside of the P5, which is fine because most people don't. I don't think UCF would go...
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    Dec 3, 17, 06:02 PM
    Outside of one or two star players on the "blueblood" teams, the talent gap isn't as huge as you might think between the Money5 and the Poor5. Most of the time, the best players in CFB arise out of nowhere. For example, Lamar Jackson was only a 3* out of high school. The skill positions of most college teams aren't as widely spaced as you would think. The big difference for Money5 teams is depth. Yet, coaching is more important than talent....
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    Dec 3, 17, 05:50 PM
    WKU got a great draw here I believe. We didn't want a tough opponent because Lord knows we are having a terrible year. Good news is that Georgia State is really bad and it is only on CBSSN so not too many people will watch the noodle fight. A fun trip for the players + fertile recruiting ground. I'll probably make the trip since I'm only a couple hours away and class ends the 15th.
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    Dec 3, 17, 12:24 PM
    The thing you keep saying GrantNKY is that UCF should be scheduling at least one good P5 team per year. I agree. However, you're turning a blind eye to the complete lack of equality in college football as far as the chances of competing for a championship go. Look no further than the NFL for a good way of scheduling. In CFB, the "big teams" can sit at home 7 or 8 games per year versus cupcakes. The UCFs of the world would LOVE to play those...
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    Dec 3, 17, 02:21 AM
    The problem with telling "G5" teams to schedule tough OOC schedules is nonsensical. Good G5 teams cannot get P5 teams to schedule them hardly ever. On the occasion that they do, it is very, VERY rare to get any decent P5 game at home. It's completely stacked against teams like UCF. Then you look at Alabama, for example. I think they have played something like 90% of their OOC games the last 20 years at home. Key to getting into the playoffs:...
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    Nov 30, 17, 01:16 PM
    Does seen on Youtube count? I've watched that 1971 WKU Final Four game way too many times, and it kills me every time. The worst call in NCAA tournament history robbed WKU of the victory at the last second of the game. Absolutely wild finish. Beat Kansas in the 3rd place consolation game. Winning the natty that year, who knows where our program would be now? 0% chance we ever get a chance like that again.
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    Nov 29, 17, 09:51 PM
    Dominant win in front of a pretty good crowd. Game was a complete blowout start to finish. Hollingsworth - 14 Ohmer - 11 Johnson - 11 WKU is home against Wright State Saturday before a big road trip @Ohio & @Wisconson.
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    Nov 27, 17, 08:03 PM
    Jake Ohmer named Conference USA freshman of the week
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    Nov 23, 17, 10:43 PM
    Played toe to toe with one of the best teams last night (Villanova), and beat #18 Purdue tonight. We led for all but 60 seconds so not a fluke win at all. Just imagine what this team can do once we get two of our better players eligible...
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    Nov 18, 17, 01:52 AM
    One hell of a game tonight if you missed it. WKU wins 41-38 in 3OT. Mike White had the longest TD pass in all of CFB this year, 93 yards. Score was 10-3 WKU headed into the 4Q. A 35 point 4th +31 point OT made this one of the most entertaining cfb games I've watched probably all year. Overall, a below expectations season for WKU, but at least we will be bowling for the 7th straight year.
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    Nov 17, 17, 10:15 AM
    Last home game tonight 7PM CT on CBS Sports. 100 Miles of Hate has little hype this year it seems since both MTSU and WKU have both severely underperformed this season. Both were considered to be fighting for East Division champ at preseason, but both are now only sitting at 5-5. With a few BG high schools playing each other tonight in the playoffs, attendance will likely be sparse. Hopefully WKU can simply make it to a bowl game. Next week...
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    Nov 16, 17, 05:27 PM
    Last night was probably our worst all around game so far including the trip to Puerto Rico. It was never a close game, but we didn't seem to have that "edge" this go around. Oh well. KWC is a team that we beat in double OT last year so I guess it is an improvement from last years embarrassment. Oh, and Dwight Coleby (our grad transfer from Kansas) had a put-back dunk that was #1 on SportsCenters Top 10, so that is pretty neat. This year that...
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