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    Yesterday, 06:40 AM
    Watched many a late night episode of night Court as kid. Loved that show.
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    Yesterday, 06:37 AM
    As serious as he could be in the war movies, and really appreciated him for that, his role in saving Silverman was downright funny. I don't think he ever played a role I didn't like. Full metal jacket one of my all time favorites. As long as it not the TV version. Lol
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    Apr 15, 18, 10:43 AM
    I should have included congrats to him for going on with schooling and basketball.
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    Apr 14, 18, 04:33 PM
    It is sad to know that they will never be like they were. Sickness, death and just plain old has gotten the best of them now. I like some of the newer bands, but none can compare.
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    Apr 14, 18, 04:19 PM
    Probably same way a NAIA D1 school in Oskaloosa Iowa (William Penn University) found a player that graduated from Holy Cross last year. They seen video and liked what they saw. Just my guess
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    Apr 8, 18, 02:47 PM
    Good stuff there B-Ball -fan. Big fan of AC-DC since I was a kid.
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    Apr 8, 18, 02:33 PM
    It comes down to what others have already said: backing in gives more manuverability, and better sight when pulling back out especially when the vehicles parked on both sides of you are vans or large SUVs. Majority of accidents in a parking lot happen when someone backs out of a space.
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    Apr 8, 18, 02:03 PM
    #99 replied to a thread Real Estate Advice in BGP Break Room
    Kentucky windage, just curious where you live and how much you asking? We are selling our house soon and you may have what we are looking for. We also live in Alexandria
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    Apr 8, 18, 11:43 AM
    I didn't see what happened with this, any info?
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    Apr 8, 18, 11:41 AM
    A lot of kids transfer to NAIA or D1-2 schools after 2 years of juco. They may have been a little behind academically and needed those two years, or they just weren't noticed by the bigger schools but do get noticed while in juco and get a scholarship.
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    Apr 8, 18, 11:29 AM
    It's would have taken a lot to make Cooper better than last season, and "NO'' single player could do that.
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    Apr 7, 18, 07:48 PM
    #99 replied to a thread Interstate driving in BGP Break Room
    Society as a whole has become ignorant to a lot of things and driving is one of them. Police don't ticket people for following to close, driving to slow in the fast lane or getting over for tow trucks and emergency vehicles on the shoulder. Follows my theory, people will do wrong until someone steps up and forces them to do right because their to stupid to figure it out on their own.
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    Apr 7, 18, 07:32 PM
    Let me try this again. I believe TMC wins this game in double digits. And I would say that my son's NAIA D1 men's bball team ( which most of the people on here believe to be way below D1 and D2 NCAA) would run CCH out of the gym and I mean that literally. And for all you that think these schools couldn't gaurd Walter because they don't have a guy that size, you are way off. Walter could never run with some of the teams the entire game. The...
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    Apr 7, 18, 09:44 AM
    Would like to see an article or info on the kids who went on to play college ball that were not "stars" on their high school team.
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    Apr 6, 18, 03:25 PM
    Any official word?
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    Apr 1, 18, 02:35 PM
    When McClendon came back for the 2016-2017 year as assistant, I'm pretty sure most of us know it was because we knew then that Schrand was leaving as soon as his son graduated, and Andre would become the head coach. I would have been very suprised if it didn't happen that way.
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    Mar 31, 18, 09:12 AM
    While I agree with most of the article, when people talk about athletic scholarships they always refer to d1 schools. Very few athletes will see ncaa D1 . But there a way more scholarships available at other levels, including d2 and NAIA D1 and D2 schools that will still get you a good education and a degree along with playing competitive sports. Also agree with hoops5, nothing wrong with playing the sport your child loves year round. We as...
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    Mar 21, 18, 06:09 AM
    In it's first ever NAIA D1 tournament, #5 seed Graceland wins the championship with a 3 at the buzzer in overtime. Also a first championship for the Heart of America Conference. Congratulations Graceland
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    Mar 21, 18, 06:03 AM
    #99 replied to a thread NAIA basketball in College Basketball
    It would be Graceland vs LSU Alexandria in the final, and with a buzzer beater 3, Graceland wins it's first ever naia D1 championship. Also in their first appearance in the tournament. Another first, a championship for the Heart of America Conference . Was not to be for William Penn this year, but they played a great tournament after one of their players died on March 1st just up the street from the University. He was stabbed in an altercation...
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