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    Jan 19, 17, 12:22 PM
    Did you know more Democrats than the amount of those you reference became Republicans because of the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Civil Rights Act?
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    Jan 18, 17, 10:10 AM
    At the end of the day, nothing about human nature has led me to believe that individuals will ever by and large stray far from acting in one's own self-interest. That group of people will never collectively choose to limit their own power, but I fail to see how removing one of the few constraints available would make them more noble.
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    Jan 18, 17, 12:24 AM
    Honestly my first thought is genuine wonder about what it is about that person's personality or experiences that caused him or her to make such a decision. A quick second is "well, good luck with the rest of your life, you might need it."
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    Jan 18, 17, 12:19 AM
    Related, but a different direction - Be careful what you wish for with term limits. To be clear, I completely support them for presidents, but hours left in office and Obama makes a move he never has to answer for. He's not the first and won't be the last, but he's only part of the executive branch. What happens when the people who make the laws have no external constraints?
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    Jan 14, 17, 05:18 PM
    Duke only had two losses when the rankings were last made. One to number two Kansas and another to Virginia Tech who may or may not have been ranked at the time. They lost their third earlier this week on the road to top 10 FSU and now on the road to UL. Don't be surprised if they still have a decent ranking with four losses.
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    Jan 11, 17, 06:51 PM
    I think taking a step back one of the biggest problems we have now is that Trump is playing chess and the reporters are trying to get clicks. During both campaigns Trump was rewriting the rules, but the other candidates were trying to play the same game.
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    Jan 11, 17, 06:45 PM
    I guess it depends on your definition of late term abortion. Are you talking a specific trimester or week or is it that any time period is late term because it kills a living being (which is a completely valid opinion to have)? As far as the 20 week law goes, The Supreme Court couldn't be more clear that a law cannot place an undue burden on a women seeking an abortion pre-viability. 20 weeks is close to a month before the most lenient...
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    Jan 11, 17, 04:14 PM
    Certainly you can see that there are things in this world that can be something other than lily white or jet black. The federal AG is nominated by the president, confirmed by the Senate and part of the Executive Branch. The Kentucky AG is voted in by the citizens of the Commonwealth. Surely him doing his job is as much a will of the people as the Governor or legislators doing theirs. Otherwise, wouldn't it be quite a bit easier for Bevin or the...
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    Jan 11, 17, 12:54 PM
    What else do you use in your kale smoothies?
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    Jan 11, 17, 10:18 AM
    Agreed with the above, but add to that the fact that the girls stay four years. In the guys game teams with less talent can make up for that fact by being 1-3 years older than star Freshmen and having the experience of playing with each other for lingers periods of time. Taking nothing away from UCONN, but they have the best players playing with each other for multiple years. This year is probably even more impressive because they had...
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    Jan 11, 17, 10:09 AM
    My guess is the original post refers to the latest episode in the Bevin/Beshear peeing contest. Beshear came out and said he would defend the new law requiring an ultrasound be done prior to an abortion because the law isn't settled, but will not defend the law banning abortions post 20 weeks because in his words it is "clearly unconstitutional." Of course with the Sessions confirmation hearing, the federal AG is topical, but as Getslow...
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    Jan 4, 17, 11:54 AM
    Not sure about local/state elections, but look no further than our outgoing presidents. Of course I would counter by comparing to FDR as the only president to serve longer than two terms so there are problems all around. At the end of the day, this isn't as simple as we all want it to be. Something about winning elections seems to corrupt people.
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    Dec 30, 16, 11:40 AM
    Not 2016, but Robin Williams. A guy so liked so funny and had lived such a full life. It made me realize that everyone has their own demons and it isn't something you can necessarily grow out of.
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    Dec 22, 16, 01:53 PM
    It was probably a violation that he got to walk on the court and show off his trophy. Probably another violation that the cameraman chose to put him on the jumbotron and not another student. Also, did you see UofL let ESPN interview him on tv?
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    Dec 22, 16, 12:17 AM
    Not necessarily the craziest, but the most recent to fit the bill. This fall I was just about to go for a run on a track. The entrance was right by one end of the track with probably a 5 foot concrete wall with woods behind it. The sun went away and I felt a shadow coming over me. All of a sudden, directly over my shoulder this gigantic hawk(?) was diving toward the wall. I was less than 6 feet away from the wall and this thing couldn't have...
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