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    Today, 11:15 AM
    Same here, just not tonight!!! Lol Should be a nice night for some football, around 80 at kickoff and ending around low 70's according to some sites. Good luck to both teams and hopefully teams remain injury free and play solid games
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    Yesterday, 02:49 PM
    Heat index at some schools never went above 10 minute water breaks every half an hour. Some schools had to adjust for that but that was all I saw
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    Aug 16, 17, 11:19 AM
    Yes sir, it is estimated Cooper will be over 1800 kids by 2020, hope this is true!
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    Aug 15, 17, 05:47 PM
    I agree HB, but I will also add, every team would love to platoon if they have the horses to do so. Cooper has not had that luxury, and everyone kills them for it, but the numbers just aren't there to do so. I don't know of any team that has a roster of 50 that platoons. Trust me when I say this, Cooper would love to platoon, but just haven't had the numbers to do so. They put the best product on the field to help them win games and it has...
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    Aug 15, 17, 05:29 PM
    I know my good friend Coach Bob Burnett will not mind this. He is all about the extra practice time!! Lol
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    Aug 11, 17, 03:01 PM
    Milburn is no longer enrolled at Cooper, he is at Ryle. He was stating that Armour's freshman year he thought Milburn was the QB. This scrimmage was great for Cooper and it showed a lot of things. One thing you have to remember, this was a scrimmage. Cooper made 0 adjustments with their defense and game planned even less for what Boone did offensively. Boone did a good job of getting push, and Cooper needs to show a little more fight and get...
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    Aug 11, 17, 02:52 PM
    Thank you kind sir!
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    Aug 11, 17, 06:45 AM
    Could someone tell me what time the scrimmage starts tonight please? Is it at 7 or 7:30?
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    Aug 8, 17, 07:36 AM
    I think that this is the year to do it. In my opinion, Florida State's roster is deeper this year than Bama and more talented which doesn't happen often. Throw in a lot of new coaches at Bama and it is a good time for it. The biggest challenge comes down to Nick Saban. I wouldn't bet against him very often, and I am still not sold on Charles Kelly as DC at FSU. All things considered I'm gonna take FSU by 3-6 points
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    Aug 8, 17, 07:30 AM
    I believe the Cooper/Boone scrimmage will be 2-3 quarters of varsity, 1 quarter JV and 1 quarter freshman if I hear correctly
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    Aug 6, 17, 10:55 AM
    Our philosophy has always been to not show a lot. Run your basic bread and butter plays and work on becoming really good at those. You also want to work on things that haven't been real strong in practice if it doesn't infringe on the above mentioned of not showing to much
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    Aug 5, 17, 08:23 PM
    Definitely one sided but wasn't last year when X only lost by 7 either in the regular season or playoffs? I could be wrong but I feel like they are closing that gap again
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    Aug 5, 17, 08:22 PM
    For Cooper it all starts with two names this year: Justin Schlarman and Mikey Armour! Two guys who are super talented and just talented kids who play the game the right way
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    Aug 5, 17, 08:15 PM
    I like this topic, good thread. Scrimmages, in my opinion, are for coaches to see which players can play for you on Friday nights. You already know about the guys who can play for you, this is more about the ones that your are not sure on. Your "stars" shouldn't play much, but your possible starters and backups should play to see who steps up and who backs off
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    Aug 3, 17, 03:00 PM
    The one thing I like about them playing so early in the year is that it is a game that won't make or break either team. If they both play well and it is a close game, both teams still have a really good chance at the playoffs! I think both Bama and FSU are playoff teams this year
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    Jul 22, 17, 11:26 AM
    Not 100% sure as I have not confirmed with AK but from what I am hearing he really likes Belmont, Lipscomb, and I think NKU. In my opinion, I would expect Adam will have this all wrapped up and done with before basketball season starts for his senior year
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