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    Yesterday, 04:35 PM
    I completely get why Louisville and Lexington get priority over other cities around the state and really don't have a problem with it. The economy in those two cities funds a lot of projects that go on elsewhere in the state, which helps everyone else in the state out so IMO, those two cities need to get their fair share of grants and monies as well. As far as most Kentuckians or Louisvillians not considering Louisville as part of the state, I...
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    Jul 23, 17, 07:14 PM
    JDEaston replied to a thread Eating Out 2017 in BGP Break Room
    Ate at Alma's Italian last night in Ashland before a cruise on the Cinci Belle. Excellent food!
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    Jul 22, 17, 03:28 PM
    Great, I'll be on the Cinci Belle during that time frame.
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    Jul 21, 17, 07:01 PM
    Tonight's Salmon.
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    Jul 21, 17, 03:01 PM
    I've never seasoned brisket with anything other than sea salt and cracked black pepper, with a light coating of mustard to help it stick to the meat. If I were going to try something else I would probably do the mustard and montreal steak seasoning.
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    Jul 21, 17, 12:00 PM
    I'm going to smoke a 3lb sockeye salmon filet this evening, picked it up at Kroger last night for like $26. Seemed like a pretty good deal for sockeye considering it'll make 5-6 servings. I planned on picking up a brisket from my butcher today to toss on late tonight and finish up tomorrow but the Cinci Belle is going to be in town tomorrow so we're going to take a cruise on it instead. Not sure what the plan is for Sunday, but I'm sure it'll...
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    Jul 18, 17, 02:51 PM
    I'm thinking of moving over to Spectrum myself, currently have Windstream and it has been a nightmare lately. I'm pretty patient when it comes to slow speeds or a dropped connection, but when it continues for long periods of time and customer service just gives you the run around I start looking at other options. Yesterday was the first day in nearly two weeks that I was able to access BGP or any other http website via my pc.
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    Jul 6, 17, 07:21 PM
    An article from the Daily Independent last week said that Boyd County had the third most overdoses of any county in the state, Jefferson and Fayette County had the most. It only had 30 deaths though, so I imagine there is a pretty good survival rate here.
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    Jul 6, 17, 04:04 PM
    Speedway on Lexington Avenue in Ashland as well as Jr. Food Mart at the 29th/Belmont Street split are both terrible.
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    Jul 5, 17, 08:41 PM
    ISIS probably loves him.
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    Jul 5, 17, 08:17 PM
    Completely agree that at this point in time (the world leaders waited too long) there is no solution. Assassination of him and some of his regime is the best case scenario I can come up with now that it's too late to take military action without killing millions of people. That in it's own would likely be a hard feat given that it's a hermit state. It would still take help from the South Koreans (which I'm not sure is capable of pulling it off)...
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    Jul 5, 17, 05:33 PM
    Completely agree. We're at the point now where it's just a wait and see game as to what the fat psycho does with his newfound technology. At this point the World leaders have missed the boat on any type of preemptive strike or putting an end to his nuclear program. Assassination or playing the wait and see game is about all that can be done at this point.
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    Jul 5, 17, 05:13 PM
    Won't happen. With North Korea now having known nuclear capabilities, what country that couldn't just completely annaliate them want to get into that mess? That said, there are only a few countries that could do that and I imagine the other two aren't willing do do so. For any type of strike to happen IMO, it's going to take a either a joint effort or China and Russia being on the same page as the United States and let us go ahead and do what we...
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    Jul 5, 17, 04:10 PM
    I don't eat fast food often enough for my vote to really count for much, but I'll rank them anyway. 1. Burger King (The best burgers of the poll options) 2. Wendy's (The best chicken sandwiches and dinner salads) 3. Taco Bell (The best late night food, which is I typically eat fast food) 4. McDonalds (Not a real fan of their food in general, but their fries are great and they have the best breakfast of the poll options) 5. Subway (The...
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    Jul 5, 17, 03:14 PM
    I've known about it for a while. There are quite a few people I went to school with in Ashland that celebrate it rather than Independence day.
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    Jul 2, 17, 12:05 PM
    Apparently there is a really strong batch of heroin working it's way thought the Ashland area this weekend. On Friday there were around 10 overdoses in a few hours including one death, with 4 other deaths within the past week. While coming home from watching my friends band play last night he wanted to stop by McDonalds to grab something to eat. The car in front of us was just past the order window but not moving, we ordered and went around...
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