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    Today, 06:29 AM
    I was wondering if this would come up. People want to be offended. MLK was a womanizer, sure that offends some. Should we take down all the streets named after him? Reagan was not fond of gay and lesbians. Rename the airports and interstates. Where will it end? Some may say I'm overreacting but overreaction is the thing to do in this country right now.
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    Yesterday, 09:30 PM
    Funny, I talked to one assistant from both teams, both of whom are friends. Ryle said they were worried about CCH qb, because of his arm and scrambling that they may not see combo again this year. CCH coach was worried about their own O line. Interesting how two different people hear two different things. Either way, can't be there because of work but one guarantee. It will be packed and atmosphere will be the best of the year for NKY game.I...
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    Yesterday, 09:15 PM
    This team is a lot of things but quitters they are not. They manned up just for you, must have been reading BGP during game. When you put up A 9 RUN lead, you'd get a little flustered as well knowing you have to score 6 or more most nights to win.
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    Yesterday, 08:50 PM
    Here's my take and I hardly ever get on this site for anything but sports or music. I may get in trouble, I may offend, I don't know. Never have seen a thread on here about statues bothering anyone, now all of a sudden it's the media's hot topic, one they won't drop. I've read many a book on the civil war, it has always been a favorite subject of mine. I've always read as a North supporter although my favorite General is Longstreet. Many of...
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    Aug 6, 17, 08:25 PM
    I was a big Tesla fan... and then they covered Signs. I was done.
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    Aug 4, 17, 10:23 PM
    Wow. The local sports gig is about 90 seconds anymore. Hope his ego can handle that. If so, welcome to Cincy.
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    Aug 4, 17, 10:17 PM
    I'll take him over Keith Rivers, James Francis, Dawson, Rey Rey and every other LB they've drafted in long time. So would every other team in NFL. They all want Dick Butkis - you know him, the guy the NFL celebrates as an all time great, but he would be Tez today.
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    Jul 31, 17, 06:21 AM
    Screwed that one up. Meant Lemar Parrish, not Casanova.
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    Jul 30, 17, 09:39 PM
    I'd have Curtis and maybe Pickens ahead of CC. No doubt I'd have Riley ahead of Fulcher. I've always thought Fulcher was overrated. The comparisons to Lott are laughable. Bob Johnson and Tommy Casanova would at least be honorable mention. Max and Willie were darn good also.
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    Jul 29, 17, 06:35 PM
    Is there ever a title match anymore where someone loses heavyweight title in one on one match? And yes, I know there have been but sure seems like having more of these 3 or 4 competitors for title in last year or two.
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    Jul 28, 17, 05:47 PM
    Scully's a legend, Buck is a legend, Marty is darn near one ( despite his arrogance ). Hawk is not in their class. And yes, when you listen to XM or pick up games while traveling, you realize how good we have it in Cindy when it comes to announcers.
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