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    Yesterday, 02:45 PM
    I mean to add I rec'd an email with this offer from the Reds, and they called it the deal of the week. Sounds like if you do not pull the trigger this week, you may miss out on it.
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    Yesterday, 02:35 PM
    I saw the St Louis Cards are doing something similar, but with theirs they are for Standing Room tickets. I think it may have a slight boost in attendance for some games, but not a whole lot IMO. But, I can tell you if I was thinking about getting any of the season ticket packages, I would definitely look at this one. As stated prior, how many times do you think you would need to stay in your seats? I would guess only for sell outs or close...
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    Yesterday, 07:50 AM
    I have Spectrum too - sucked they did not do the free movie weekend as TWC has done in the past. I also wanted to pass something along that those of you who now have Spectrum may not have realized. I called them when my bill went up last month to see what options there were to keep the price the same. they told me that Time Warner pricing went up and that is why I was seeing an increase, but they would check Spectrum pricing. They came back...
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    Yesterday, 06:46 AM
    There was actually a third umpire who worked these games, unfortunately his name escapes me. For the final game between Cov Cath and New Cath all three worked. You are correct they donated their time to this and for that they are to be commended!
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    Apr 22, 17, 08:19 PM
    My son tore his last year in baseball game, as well as a partial rotator cuff tear. He had surgery end of may last year and is still looking to get the full strength back. He is playing ball again but you can tell in some of his throws the strength is not 100% We did the surgery rather than rehab, for a couple reasons. First recommendation of doctor, trainer, etc. Secondly others who we talked to who went the therapy route ended up either...
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    Apr 21, 17, 03:06 PM
    I don't understand - is he a freshman or a sophomore? If he is a freshman, why bring him up in a thread for Sophomores??? 'Early Prediction... Best NKY Sophomores 2017.'
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    Apr 19, 17, 02:21 PM
    Maybe when you talk to HR you can ask them to pay you for not using the Company insurance. Our company does that. Since you save them money they pay you some of that savings. It is not the amount that they save, but it is like $150 a month or something. I also get your point about the folks not working as they do their things. They are being incentiveised for not working. I have always had the same frustrations for the smokers who go smoke...
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    Apr 19, 17, 12:40 PM
    Popelio's IMO has gone downhill over the last several years. Used to be like you said, but last few times there, it was nothing special. I was told it had to do with the son taking over or something like that.
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    Apr 15, 17, 06:45 PM
    Guru - Any updates? Did you ever get more Bottle openers?
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    Apr 12, 17, 07:16 AM
    Maybe I am in the minority on this, but wondering what others think. IMO a High School catcher should be able to call 85-90% on his own and not require the coach to tell him what to call. At a recent JV game it was so annoying to me to have to wait for the Boone County coach to look at his paper, think and then call out a number, catcher look at his wristband, and then signal for EVERY pitch. This slowed the game down even more. A catcher...
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    Apr 11, 17, 03:33 PM
    And JV scheduled for Cov Cath canceled right?
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    Apr 11, 17, 07:19 AM
    Congrats to AJ and family! Really cool that he gets to play close to home at a great school.
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    Apr 6, 17, 09:54 AM
    Very sad to hear and read this. I would love to see some numbers on the students who were 'lost' to the charter schools as well. Is that the only reason the student base declined so much? Sorry for Coach Hurley, and I am sure there are others, who put so much blood, sweat, and tears into keeping the school going. But hey, maybe he can move to NKY and be an assistant coach under his old assistant at Cov Cath! :D
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    Apr 4, 17, 07:16 AM
    Thanks TOG! :thumb: In JV Action the blue Colonels defeated the red Colonels as well last nite, pretty sure the final score ended up 8-6.
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    Apr 3, 17, 08:31 AM
    I recently bought one - Canon PIXMA MX492 WiFi All-In-One Compact Size Printer, Scanner, and Fax. Since I do little printing I did not want to spend much, so this one was only $35. Most Wireless printers seem to not have good easy to follow directions to connect to the network, but once you get past that this one works great as well. One thing I also found - I wanted to buy extra ink so I shopped on-line. Staples Combo packs were $55.00 -...
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    Apr 1, 17, 09:19 AM
    Cov Cath JV is playing Ryle JV at 4:00 or thereabouts they are saying. Frosh game has been canceled.
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    Mar 28, 17, 11:34 AM
    So happy to see all three Soph's contribute! Sean and Evan in pitching, and Jack with his triple. Too bad they could not get him in from third. JV was playing Badin at same time so I could not get to this one, but JV game was a good one as well, with the JV Colonels coming out on top 6-3.
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