Will Price be back after the All Star Break?

View Poll Results: How much longer will Bryan Price last as Reds manager?

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  • Fired before the All Star break

    0 0%
  • Fired during the All Star break

    2 11.76%
  • He'll last the year.

    15 88.24%
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    In God's hands

    Will Price be back after the All Star Break?

    Will he be fired before the break? During the break? Does he last the whole season?

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    No time to enjoy #4, It's on the path to #5...

    He'll last the season. He won't be back next year though.

    Barry will be the guy IMO.

    I'll add one qualifier....If they continue on the funk they're in right now, he'll be done at the break IMO.

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    Price is not the problem. He is not the solution either but he is doing what he is supposed to be doing with this team that has terrible starting pitching.

    There would be no reason to fire him this season. Now if they think they can make a run in 2018 (I do not think they can) then bring someone else in next year.

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    He'll be here through the end of the year. Even Bob understands that you can't start the season without Desclafani and Bailey, and subsequently lose Finnegan early on, and still expect to win with a bunch of rookies in their place.