Tim Tebow to Try Professional Baseball

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    My 2 cents worth , His fame killed him in football where he was flat out black balled , and his fame also got him a foot in the door of MLB where the average guy would not have. But the folks who say he was " terrible , awful , sucked " etc etc are not giving the guy his due , YES , by all means he was unorthodox and sometimes threw the ball all over the place , But I watched every second of every game that year in Denver when they went 8-8 after a terrible start , then beat the Steelers in the playoffs , the following year Horse Teeth ( Elway) traded him away and the hapless Jets misused him and that was the end of his career . I think Tebow was 8-5 ( ?) after taking over the Bronc's that year ? And won a playoff game , So while no Dan Fouts when placed in the right system he could be a winning NFL QB .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wireman View Post
    How often do you look up Tim Tebow news?
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    I do look up Tebow news daily and I know what I read.
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    He doesn't get hammered by the media, for the most part.
    Your confusing.

    If you were just talking about social media then your statement goes for 100% of every person in the public spotlight. 100%.