Rockies at Reds (7/26 - 7/28)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jumper_Dad View Post
    The Reds are 9 games over .500 at night, no other central team has a winning record at night...that's crazy!
    I agree!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 16thBBall Fan View Post
    Wow, knew we were bad against them but didn’t realize it was THAT bad!
    Trying to figure out why Bell is playing Scooter so much because he has been AWFUL since he came back! Only thing I can come up with is they’re hoping he gets hot to drive up his trade value, what do you guys think??
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    I don't know why he's playing him so much, but I don't think Scooter has any trade value left. Should have tried to make a deal for him last year, easy to say in retrospect.
    I would think Scooter is playing so much, because the Reds offense the last two seasons was pretty good. Which, Scooter was arguably the Reds best offensive player those two years too. This year without Scooter the Reds were the worst offense in baseball, and all the Reds players got off to slow starts before slowly turning it around. Which, the only way Scooter can turn it around is to also get to play most days. Scooter has had much better at bats recently too. The Reds offense is a lot better, when Scooter is at his best. The only way he can get there is to play.