Reds @ Pirates (5/5-5/7)

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    You've got a guy in Mesoraco, who's only on the active roster to PH, so naturally when you're down 1 in the 7th with runners at 1st & 3rd with one out, you use Schumaker to PH....Bryan Price is a donkey clown. Guy has no clue what's going on.

    Kevin Gregg, again? At what point do you realize the guy couldn't pitch effectively in rookie ball? Stop running him out there. Walt and Price, I think one's just as clueless as the other.
    One thing a manager, and I'm not just talking baseball, but any job or organization, has to be able to do is know the strengths and weaknesses of the personnel he has working for him or her, and to place or use those individuals working for them in places or situations that will make that organization perform at it's best. Price proofed a long time ago he doesn't know his personnel when he went almost 3 weeks without using Cingrani. He is in way over his head, and needs to be relieved of his duties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Anthony View Post
    Gregg might be the worst reliever in Reds history.
    He's is my least favorite in Reds history. How he is still on our major league club baffles me more than the Meso ordeal baffles @UKMustangFan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJAlltheWay24 View Post
    He's is my least favorite in Reds history. How he is still on our major league club baffles me more than the Meso ordeal baffles @UKMustangFan.
    Hold on now, he's no Dante' Bichette. But I see your point Price is junk. It'd almost be somewhat different if he wasn't the former pitching coach. He's junk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by All In View Post
    The video doesn't tell the whole story, you had to have watched the game as it played out. He honestly didn't know he had been ejected, Price didn't as well. The umpire didn't give any kind of a hand gesture,wave,whatever you want to call it to signal an ejection. Would be shocked if any more than 3 games.
    The home plate umpire very clearly ejected Votto. Only problem is Votto had no idea.

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    I am no longer watching the Reds until Gregg is off the roster! I am done watching it. Why do they not have their top 12 pitchers on staff period like St. Louis does, I have no idea!