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    Quote Originally Posted by CincySportsFan View Post
    I admire your enthusiasm, and hope that you are right. However, I don't think it's necessarily how many games back we are right now, as much as it is the number of teams that are between us and the top. It's just going to be hard to leapfrog that many teams.
    That's what I keep telling my coworkers. I'd feel a lot better about being 6.5 games out if we were in 2nd.

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    If Reds go 16-4 in their next 20, that'll take them from 6 games under .500 to 6 games over .500. The Brewers are currently at 5 games over, and the Cubs and Cards are both at 7. So, even if the Reds play .800 ball, and everybody else is just still wouldn't necessarily jump them into first place in the division.

    As for the wildcard, you have either the Cubs/Cards at 7, the Nationals at 6, the Phillies & Brewers at 5, and the Giants at 2 games over. Heck, the Diamondbacks (-1) and Mets (-3) are even ahead of the Reds. That's a lot of teams you're hoping goes .500 while you're on your tear.

    Would 16-4 put you squarely in the mix? Absolutely. Is it guaranteed to be enough to vault you into first in either the division or the wildcard? No.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 16thBBall Fan View Post
    Why are all the tv people writing us off?? 6 1/2 games out, with 1-5 they have in the rotation now and just a little CONSISTENT offense this team could easily win 15-16 out of 20 and win the division!! Let’s go!!!
    I heard on the radio yesterday, that the Reds offense in most offensive categories has been second best in baseball since the All Star break.

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    Bauer has been scheduled to start Saturday’s game in Atlanta.