Reds at Brewers (5/21 - 5/22)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sumoroyal View Post
    Thom said that baseball people are asking them why he is doing that.
    Which my response is the same thing to baseball people who say that. He has been literally doing that his whole career. No one said a word about it or why he does that, and now people are questioning it like it is a problem. It has never been a problem for his whole career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by futurecoach View Post
    I have no idea why he does, but he has always done that for his whole career. Which it has seemed to work just fine for him his whole career. Now it is just funny how people are trying to question everything now, including his warm up swings lol.
    He is constantly working to keep his hands inside the baseball, which is what he is practicing with that swing. When Votto is at his best he is hitting the ball hard to the left-centerfield gap. That is what he is working on in this approach.

    If you watch and break the warmup swing down it is nearly perfect- minus the lack of follow through. The head stays still, hands work inside out, swing path is perfect, etc.