Pirates @Reds series (4/6-4/9/15)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nkuclubbaseball19 View Post
    That would mean they will go 172-4 with the 4 coming at the end.
    and then lose the starting 9 to Free Agency.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJAlltheWay24 View Post
    These rain delays are killing me. Only 15,600 fans announced, but with only 14 vendors down stars, you can still make some $$$. Things were going well til the rain.

    Oh well, glad the Reds got that sweep!

    Hope @gchs_uk9 had a good time with his boy.
    We had a great time. Rain day wasn't too bad for us. Had a chance to get some chicken strips and then an ice cream! If it had lasted any longer, though, I might have came home broke!