Manny Machado to the Padres

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    MLB teams just never learn. These 10 year deals almost never turn out to be good for the team. And while Machado is a very good player, his numbers do not support anything near $300MM to me. He has NEVER hit 40 HR's in a season. He has hit .300 once in his career. He has driven in 100 runs once in his career...107 last year. He strikes out over 100 times every year. He has never walked more than 70 times in a year. I know he is very good defensively. But he is also admittedly very lazy and just a punk IMO. I cannot believe a MLB team would commit that much money to a guy who admitted that he does not you think he will hustle MORE after having $300MM guaranteed? I thought the worst contract I had ever seen was the Red Sox signing Kung Fu Panda for over $100MM a few years back. I told a fellow Red Sox fan right after the contract was announced that Panda would only get fatter with that much money guaranteed...and he did. I think this contract may be worse...he could be more of a punk and be even more lazy with all that money guaranteed. Just a crazy reach IMO by the Padres...

    If Machado is worth $300MM then Trout is worth a billion IMO.
    Machado and Harper's number are very similar. Harper has already turned down $300M for 10. Will be interesting to see how Machado's deal affects Harpers, if at all.

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    Padres have a ton of elite level pitching prospects that will be coming up in the next couple years. Also have a can’t miss stud in Tatis Jr.

    If they’re able to reel in Harper too, this team will be a force in the NL in short order.

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    I hope they land Harper too.

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    I could see this deal as being reasonable if BOTH had an option to bolt at 5 yrs. Even if there was a $20-$30M buyout to the Padres for exercising that exit clause, I could see it as a reasonable hedge.

    As is, this seems WAY worse than a straight 10/$300M deal or even Votto's 10/$225M (9/$207M) deal. If Machado is great OR if he's average and salaries spiral upward, he leaves after 5 and you have to replace that spot (either a great player OR an average player with a huge salary) for the next 5 yrs. If he's awful OR if he's average and salaries spiral downward (unlikely), he stays and you have either an awful or way overpriced average player on your roster for the full 10 yrs.

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