If you had to trade one for pitching....

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    1 - Trammell - at a high point off his Futures performance (sell high, buy low); huge ceiling since just starting to focus on baseball, but lots of ???? for same reason
    2 - Greene - looks to be the real deal but far from being proven talent at MLB level. Too many intervening things can happen.
    3 - Senzel - closest to ready to play. He is also coming back from injury next year so trading partner will want some discount (even if minor).

    That said, there is NO NEED to deal for a #1 starter at this time UNLESS it is someone like DeGrom that you have under control for a few years. Even DeGrom will get paid huge sums in ARB1, 2 & 3 before FA. Real advantage is not having to give him a monster multi-year contract based on control.