Brendan McKay

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    Brendan McKay

    The son-in-law had the Rays/Padres game on while we were moving furniture to and from his storage unit. It caught my attention when I heard Brendan McKay's name so I listened in while working.

    Branden gave up 4 runs in the first and had walked 5 through 2, but settled down and completed 4 innings of work. He had a ton of pitches, with many counts going 3-2, even after he found the strike zone. His line was 4 IP, 4 ER, 5 Hits, 6 BB, 7 SO. For the season he has started 7 games and is 2-2 with 40 SO, 9 BB, WHIP 1.38, and an ERA of 5.08.

    McKay had a lone plate appearance in the 2nd, where he walked. Brendan was the DH in a game with the Orioles back in July and went 0-4. He has had a total of 6 plate appearances, thus far this season, with 2 walks.

    For what it's worth, Blake Snell got roughed up a bunch in his rookie season, in 2016, and he won the Cy Young last year.

    By the way, the Rays came from behind to win the game 7-5.

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    He's striking out a lot of people.