Billy Hamilton loses another Stolen Base title

Page 2 of Guy can't catch a break (no pun intended) and loses the stolen base title again 60-59. No one probably saw it but Winkler tried his best to help him ou... 17 comments | 1061 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Quote Originally Posted by HammerTime View Post
    If you go off what the nerds say, then yes he is easily worth that.

    The True Cost of WAR - SoSH

    1 WAR = $7M is salary.

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    He's not a leadoff hitter, never will be. In GABP he's a luxury defensively. At Coors or something comparable he's a must. He's past the age of getting any better IMO.
    Even if he was getting a little better every year, he's now gone three years in a row where he's played little or none at end of year due to injury. That won't improve with age as small as he is and the way he goes after ball and steals bases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnottieDrippen View Post
    Triple negatives are no fun to decipher.
    Lol. Still trying to figure that sentence out.