Torn Labrum Rehab Option

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    Torn Labrum Rehab Option

    My daughter is a volleyball player and tore her labrum. She has a SLAP tear (Type 1) that will require 2 anchors to repair. We got a second opinion from Dr. Kremchek. He is recommending intense rehab, no playing during that time and claims if she is dedicated and works hard, the labrum will heal on its own. The rehab is directed at her back, scapular muscles and core. She has imbalances in her strength that, when addressed, will take the strain off the front of her shoulder.

    My question - has anyone's kid been thru this type of treatment for a torn labrum? What were the results? There is not a lot of research out there on this. I think holding off on surgery is always a good idea but her senior season looms about 4 months away and she would like to play some of her last season at NDA.

    She has a full ride to Wright State and that is our priority but we all know how kids feel about their senior seasons.

    Anyway, any and all educated, experiences opinions are appreciated. Thanks.

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    You already posted this in another forum.