KVCA pre-season coaches' poll

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    KVCA pre-season coaches' poll

    It what has provided an annual laugh, here's the KVCA pre-season state poll. I think they have the top 5 teams correct, although not sure about the order. How Beechwood can be 6th in the State poll but 4th in it's own Region in the same poll is mind-numbing (I believe the latter is more accurate) Both polls at the link below. Assumption is simply loaded with talent this year.

    1 Assumption (21)
    2 Sacred Heart (1)
    3 Mercy Academy
    4 Henry Clay
    5 Notre Dame
    6 Beechwood
    7 North Oldham
    8 Greenwood
    9 St. Henry District
    10 Oldham County
    11 Paul Laurence Dunbar
    12 McCracken County
    13 Male
    14 Presentation
    15 DuPont Manual
    16 Cooper
    17 Ryle
    18 Tates Creek
    19 Apollo
    20 Christian Academy-Louisville
    21 Eastern
    22 Central Hardin
    23 West Jessamine
    24 Holy Cross (Louisville)
    25 Butler

    Kentucky Volleyball Coaches Association

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    I'm just guessing, because I'm not a part of this rating process...but I'm sure the placement of Beechwood has something to do with the fact that 9th Region Coaches vote in the 9th Region Poll...every coach in Kentucky votes for Statewide Poll. I'm also guessing that the State Poll is based on the last weeks tournament, but who knows. Beechwood played several teams on that list.

    In my opinion Ballard is missing. I thought they were a really solid Team. Based on seeing them in one match, I would go as far as saying top 10 or 12.

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    A lot of coaches vote only in their regional poll and not in the statewide one.

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    With some early season results in, we have some idea of what this should look like:
    1. Assumption
    2. Mercy
    3. Notre Dame
    4. Sacred Heart

    After that it gets more difficult, but I don't think Henry Clay should be up as high as is. I think both Presentation and North Oldham have beaten Henry Clay in early season play.