2017 way too early Region 9 predictions

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    2017 way too early Region 9 predictions

    I could just type Notre Dame and stop...but

    First the history..Notre Dame currently owns the 9th region. 9 out of the last 10, including the last 6 in a row.

    It's very easy to say NDA again in 2017. Why not? But I do think NDA will see a real challenge from a talented St. Henry team. and possibly Cooper. I'd put NCC 4th. I'm sure NCC will have a good team, but NDA's & St. Henry's seasons would both have to implode for them to have a shot.

    For everyone else in the 9th, measuring success is all relative. Maybe it's winning 15 games, or maybe it's making it out of Districts. I don't know where your bar is set. The separation between NDA & St. Henry, and the rest of the region, is great.

    Of course, just like in previous years, injuries and depth always seem to be a factor as well.

    So in summary...

    NDA wins Region
    Wouldn't be surprised if St. Henry did
    Cooper is a longshot.
    A lot would have to happen for anyone else to have a shot.

    Tobergte (St. Henry) is POY

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    This could be the worst Norte Dame team in recent history. They may win the region but I think their streak of wins against the 9th region is in jeapordy.