VEX Robotics State Tournament.

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    VEX Robotics State Tournament.

    The VEX Robotics state tournament took place last weekend. There are almost 250 VEX Robotic teams in the state of Kentucky. Here are the results:

    State Champs: North Hardin (4104A), John Hardin (2886B), and Jessamine CTC (1859X)

    These teams now qualify for the VEX World Tournament held at U of L in April. This event will be broadcast on ESPN2 later in the year. 600 Teams from all over the world will compete.

    Other teams that qualified for Worlds:

    Central Hardin (6135H & 6135W), Central Magnet (99451C)

    If you aren't familar with VEX Robotic Competitions check out VEX Robotics - VEX Robotics

    Here is a video of the state top teams