Top throwers in the state

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    Top throwers in the state

    With Bryan Hudson as far as we know being out for the rest of the season with a torn ACL the throwing landscape has been wide open for newcomers to take the thrown. Some of these throwers include:

    Nathan Jacobs (Collins)
    Shot PR 504
    Discus PR 167

    Ryan Bryant (Ashland)
    Shot PR 503
    Discus PR 13410

    Barrett Henley (Mayfield)
    Shot PR 502.5
    Discus PR 1306

    Nathan Ray (Green County)
    Shot PR 482
    Discus PR 1548

    Fisher Briggs (Fern Creek)
    Shot PR 485
    Discus PR 140

    John Young ( CAL)
    Shot PR 482
    Discus PR Dosnt throw disc

    Jacob Kehoe (Oldham County)
    Shot PR 4611
    Discus PR 10911

    Bryan Back (Manuel)
    Shot PR 462
    Discus PR 122

    Brandon Hinojosa (Shelby County)
    Shot PR 431
    Discus PR 13911

    Jackson Smallwood (Grant County)
    Shot PR 466
    Discus PR 10211

    If I missed anybody do not hesitate to put there name and PRs in the comments

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    Will Perkins (Somerset)
    Discus 138.5 at recent meet, not sue if it's PR or not.

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    That is a darn shame about Hudson. He had a really good chance to own the state records in shotput and discus. He almost certainly was going to break the discus record. The state shotput record has stood since 1969 and Hudson was within range to break that one.

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    DaRoyce Flemons from Tilghman has a throw of 152 feet even this season in the discus as a Junior. He's getting better each week it seems. He does not compete in Shot .

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    Henley from Mayfield and Flemons from Tilghman both set new PR's in discus at the Swift & Staley meet at McCracken today. They finished 1st and 2nd.

    Henley also set the Mayfield school record narrowly missing 165 feet. Flemons threw for over 162 feet and now has his sights set on the Tilghman school record, which is about 4 feet away.

    Great day for both of these guys.