KHSAA Decision to Suspend 3A Track Meet

Page 4 of Saturday night, due to weather, the KHSAA called the 3A track meet before the 4x400 relays could be contested. Apparently the KHSAA has no contingency ... 45 comments | 5652 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Question for the crowd, particularly someone who was there. Several parties have told me that when the 4 x 400 was delayed due to lightning the boys long jump continued and was completed and there was even a discussion if those points should be added to team totals. If this is true why wasn't long jump stopped? Male had 2 scorers in the long jump for 15 points. If true and had long jump stopped there would have been a different team winner.
    No clue.

    In golf, when the horn blows, a golfer has the option to finish the hole or leave the course. But if he hasn't started a hole yet (is between holes), he leaves the course.

    Similar rules interpretation?