Hey! Why did my final score thread get closed?

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    Hey! Why did my final score thread get closed?

    With the start of softball season upon us, please read the following:

    We want to make it easy for everyone to access the information they want to read. There is nothing worse than having to sift through a bunch of threads trying to find the info you want. So, when posting a scrimmage report, prediction thread, game update, or final score we want them all to appear as follows:

    For Scrimmages: Lexington Catholic/Henry Clay Scrimmage (3/22)

    For Prediction Threads: Ballard/Butler Predictions (3/23) or Ballard at Butler Predictions (3/23) or Ballard at Butler Predictions (3/23 at 4pm)

    For Game Updates (meaning a game in progress): Boyd County/Belfry Updates or Belfry/Boyd Updates

    For Final Scores: Mason County 7 Fleming County 4

    For Final Scores for teams from out of state: Covington Catholic 7 Elder, OH 5

    For JV Scores: Lexington Catholic 6 Scott County 3 (JV)

    For Frosh Scores: Scott County 8 Lexington Catholic 4 (Frosh)

    Nothing should be in all CAPS. There should never be any punctuation unless it was a Frosh or JV game then it should appear as (Frosh) or (JV) after the final score or it is a prediction thread and the date should be posted after the teams involved (3/23). We strongly prefer not to have any abbreviations (please spell out County) because everyone doesn't know what team is being talked about and/or there are some duplicates.

    The idea is to make it easy for everyone to find the information they are looking for. If you do not follow this format we are going to close your thread out.

    If anyone has any questions please ask them, otherwise, no small talk in this thread.