Villa Madonna 11 Heritage Academy 0 (5 innings)

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    Villa Madonna 11 Heritage Academy 0 (5 innings)

    Brooke Meier threw a 2 hit shutout with 9K's tonight making this her 4th shutout of the season. Not only was she aggressive on the mound but strong offensively as well going 2-2 with a 2 Run Homer.

    Anna Wagner once again put up the first Runs for the Blue Lightning with a 2 Run Homer, and ended with 3RBI.

    This pitcher-catcher duo of Meier-Wagner has been leading Villa's offense this season, and they are both only 8th graders!

    Following right behind as a consistent hitting leader has been Alexa Meier, who was 2-3 again tonight. She is also turning heads with some incredible scoops and stretches at First Base to secure the tough outs. Villa's solid, experienced infield this season has limited their opponents stolen/extra base opportunities.

    Carol Dosker, in her first year with the team, is finding her groove. Tonight she had 3RBI.

    Villa has won their last 9 consecutive games, standing now with a record of 9-2. They are mentally and physically preparing for a tough week as they meet up with Dixie on Monday and St. Henry on Wednesday!

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    That's pretty impressive for an 8th grader to hit a homerun. She keeps hitting them over the fence like that reaching for the stars is awesome..keep up the good work

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    Excellent write-up.......more schools need dedicated followers doing this.