Notre Dame 4 Newport Central Catholic 1

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    Notre Dame 4 Newport Central Catholic 1

    Katelyn Baker gets the start in place of Hayley Smith, and throws a beauty. The Breds only manage 3 hits and scratch their lone run in in the 7th. Notre Dame on the other hand doesn't get their 1st hit of the game until one-out in the 4th on a Lindsey Meier double to right. They collect 3 in the 6th for the final hit count of 4. Walks hurt the Breds as the Pandas are issued 6 for the game, 4 in the 2nd inning.

    NewCath 1st - Ware walks, Kolhs SAC-bunt (Ware to 2nd and goes to 3rd on PB), PO-6, K.
    Notre Dame 1st - GO4-3, GO5-3, Smith walks, PO-4.

    NewCath 2nd - Meyers single to left (advances to 2nd on E7), K, GO4-3, K.
    Notre Dame 2nd - K, Radford walks, E. Huston walks, G. Miller walks, K, Baugh RBI walk, GO6-3.

    NewCath 3rd - GO5-3, Ware walks, Kohls FC-5 (Ware out 5-4), GO5-3.
    Notre Dame 3rd - K, A. Huston reaches on E3, Stephenson FC-5 (Huston out 5-4), PO-4.

    NewCath 4th - Zimmerman HBP, Meyers lines-out hard to Smith Zimmerman takes off on the pitch and is out 5-3, Martini singles to left, GO1-3.
    Notre Dame 4th - GO6-3, Miller walks, Meier doubles to right (Miller to 3rd), K, (Miller scores on WP), PO-3.

    NewCath 5th - Breen walks, Potts SAC-bunt 5-4 (Breen to 2nd), F)-8, GO5-3.
    Notre Dame 5th - GO4-3, GO6-3, PO-6.

    NewCath 6th - PO-4, GO6-3, K.
    Notre Dame 6th - Radford infield single between 1st & 2nd (both converge on ball and no one covering 1st), K, Miler single to left, Meier SAC-bunt but reaches on E3, Baugh RBI single to left (Meier out at 3rd 8-1, as Breen throws to Meyers down the 3rd base line and applies the tag, PO-2.

    NewCath 7th - PO-3, GO1-3, Breen walks, Potts reaches E6, Ware RBI single to left, PO-7.

    Notre Dame 0-1-0-1-0-2-x---4-4-2

    Breds with their final home game of the season as they take on 10th Region foe, Campbell Co. tomorrow at Vets #2 .