International Tie-breaker???

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    International Tie-breaker???

    With this rule being put in place, I'm just wondering what everyone thinks. I've had a chance to talk with a lot of coaches/A.D's, and not many seem to favor it. What are your thoughts and/or opinion?

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    Is this where they start off an inning with a runner on 2nd base?

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    Is KHSAA using the International Tie breaking for all games that are tied immediately or will they play 1 or 2 innings of regular softball to see if that will settle the tie?

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    As it stands, it will begin at top of the 10th inning. I believe that this is reasonable, and all well and good for regular season was presented as an "all or nothing" choice, so to speak, to the ADs and Principals that KHSAA surveyed on the matter; either "Utilize the international tie breaker in all games" OR "Eliminate the tiebreaker in all games". There was no provision by KHSAA for playing out all post-season games to their competitive conclusion, only an area for add'l comments. ADs and Principals have a lot on their plates, and many when faced with that choice probably defaulted to the "Utilize the ITB..." option, without much if any deeper thought, and moved on with their day.
    A petition has been started for coaches/parents/fans of fastpitch softball around the State, who have a more in-depth understanding of the sport, and how this could negatively impact post-season games, to give voice to their view to the KHSAA.
    The link is found here, and if it is against protocol to post this here, please remove the link.

    I have attempted to remain as down the middle as I possibly can with this post without coloring it with my opinion.

    My opinion of the KHSAA in regards to fastpitch softball is extremely low, by the way.

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    It’s been an option for years... gets discussed at the coaches meeting.