Dixie Heights 8 Bishop Brossart 0

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    Dixie Heights 8 Bishop Brossart 0

    I do not have any stats on this game, but Dixie jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first inning on a couple walks, error, hits; and Brossart couldn't mount much of any offensive threats on Senior Night in Alexandria. Didn't appear to come out ready to play tonight for some reason. After this week, it's win or go home so i hope the girls can get focused and play well tonight at Highlands and on Saturday at Connor. These will be tournament-caliber teams to get ready for for the next two weeks.

    Last two innings Coach B uses his bench with pinch hitting appearances. You can find a late inning pinch hitter in these situations come tournament time, and a couple of the girls had some nice atbats.