Dayton 10 Villa Madonna 2

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    Dayton 10 Villa Madonna 2

    It was a rough night for the Blue Lightning in an important Conference matchup against Dayton, and defensively Villa was off their game!

    Errors plagued the team in the 1st and 7th innings.
    Going into the 5th inning, the game was still in reach for either team with a score of 3-2 (Dayton leading).
    The 6th and 7th inning gave the Green Devils an opportunity to take the lead and pull ahead.

    Details of the game...

    The Good:
    Barbs Newman was 2-3.

    Anna Wagner went 1-4 with a triple.

    Brooke Meier was 2-4.
    From the mound she threw 7Ks.

    The Bad and the Ugly:
    Villa had 8 hits compared to Dayton's 7, but unfortunately they could not produce big hits with runners on.
    Villa left 11 on base and made 9 errors.
    The Green Devils had just 2 earned runs.

    Defensively, Dayton controlled the game, making very few errors and coming up with the big outs at crucial points!

    Villa is off all weekend with Prom activities, but this poster believes the girls will come out pumped and ready to play Monday against Ludlow at 5:30pm.

    Villa's record, still reflecting a renewed program and winning season, is now 12-5.