Campbell County's McKinley Miller Offered Full Ride to Univ of Akron

Page 2 of Congrats to McKinley on receiving her first D1 offer - a full ride scholarship to play softball at the University of Akron! This girl is a pistol! Love... 16 comments | 2318 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    At the D1 level you cant sign until November of your senior year. Up until them it is just a verbal.

    on the walking on, maybe she is chasing a dream to play at a certain level or reach certain milestones as a player. I don't know. Just a thought.
    Thanks for that info on the signing and that makes sense about chasing the dream. Also, the other school may have what she wants to study for her career, etc. I just question whether the player was really getting a full ride when they changed to only walking on to another team and school. Softball (and other non-revenue sports) full rides don't happen often.

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    no problem at all. True on the career path. Maybe one school offered and another didn't. I know a girl who wants to have a shot at playing in the world series so she passed up some really good offers to go to a school to give her the best shot.