All-region and All-State players for 2018

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    Where is LAWNBOY with NCC stats for some of there players who will be returning. LOL

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    Four players to watch down at Lyon County. First Sophie Bingham, a pitcher who throws in the low sixties and hits some at leadoff but usually in the 2 hole. But most of you guys have heard of her. The kids I would like to introduce are 1 Callista Collins, 2 Sydney Melton, and last but not least Kaelyn Conger. Collins is aplayer everyone wants on their team. She hit over .450 as an 8th grader. She can play anywhere except pitch and has for us. Callista played in the summer for The Sluggers the kid can rake with power. Sydney Melton was an 8th grade catcher for us last year. Sydney has a cannon attached to her shoulder and can also play anywhere in the field. She looks to only get better as she ages. Melton also brings her bat each night. I believe she hit 4 "Dongs" last year and is only getting better. You guys have to see this swing it isn't always the prettiest but it is always a controlled violent swing. Sydney played for the Rage during the summer until she aged up and moved to the St Louis Khaos. Sydney hit 12 or so homers during travel this year@ 14U. Last is Conger or as we call her Kongo. This is a pitcher work in progress and over the last year she has progressed. Kongo started the year hot with the bat and cooled a little as the season went on. That didn't make her a cheap out though. I think she hit two hr's as an 8th grader. This young lady is starting to come into her own as a pitcher. Her fastball is mid to high 50's with a nice little change. Her out pitch is a knee-lock curve that is only getting better. Watch these three I think your only going to hear good things about them. One other player at Lyon to kind of keep a watch on is pitcher Allie Culp. From watching and hearing she had a great summer pitching and is a super coachable kid. Culp isn't going to blow hitters away with speed, but can hit spots and dance the ball around with movement. I will try to get back on tomorrow after work and give you guys a run down on a few others in Western KY.
    Really like this young lady, as she did a great job against us in the All A two years ago. I remember at the time she was getting interest from Purdue. Any other schools looking at her or has she commited anywhere?

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    Georgetown made her great a great offer to get her education while playing for them.