Top NKY players?

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    Nothing related to this subject.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dallaslaredo View Post
    I don't buy this at all. The best players at any girl's sport - soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball - are all playing it year 'round, using the same body parts over and over. Everyone would be injured all the time in every sport if it was due to repetition.
    While I doubt the torn knee ligaments and other injuries caused by contact have anything to do with playing year round, other than more more opportunities for it to happen.......
    ...........the rash of hairline fractures in the spine is directly caused by not having an off season and using the same muscles over and over.......the top three sports that have these spine fractures are:
    1. Gymnastics.....makes sense....twisting and the pounding of landing
    2. off season......
    3. Diving......twisting

    One of those things is not like the other and is started to become an issue in this area around 2008-9......when the soccer clubs really starts pushing the all year business model.

    Just saying......

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    Way too many Rule 5 Violations in this thread:

    5. No comments, whatsoever, about any member's true identity in any public forum on BGP. This includes any question, hint (whether true or not), attempt to divulge, or attempt to determine a user's identity posted in any BGP forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cfuddy View Post
    Get used to that name - there is a pipeline of solid Schuh girls for the next decade at NDA.
    Tom's daughters?