Sacred Heart Academy 59 Campbell County 58

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    DRAW IS DONE!!!!! Campbell county is opposite bracket of Sacred Heart -Mercer in same bracket as Campbell. From what I have seen-Campbell and Mercer (if they make it) would meet in semi-finals. Winner would meet Sacred Heart -again if they make it- in the finals

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    Clos should absolutely be way in the conversation for Miss Basketball! Hanging 29 on SHA @ SHA has to be one of the better performances of the year by any player.

    Re the top teams in the state, there isn't any doubt it has to be SHA/Mercer/CC in a level by themselves. Their records vs others and with one another bear that out.

    Would be awesome if it panned out to see some great hi-lite match-ups based on this kind of discussion. Again, it just hardly ever pans out that way. Keep referring to last year's (powerful) Butler team to illustrate my point. I would have bet decent money by taking Butler versus anyone in the field -- they were that strong in my opinion. But, March does funny things which is the special sauce that makes all this great fun!

    Congrats to CC for almost pulling off the W in very hostile territory!