Campbell County 80 Simon Kenton 59

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    I have known Coach Stowers for over 30 years and honestly believe the NKAC title means little or nothing to him. I believe his goal has always been and remains the same-prepare his team to be able to win and advance in district, region and in sweet 16 play (and win it all, if possible).

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    Quote Originally Posted by nkufan23 View Post
    Nothing more than cooperating. Stowers is a stand up guy and I think there may even be a fine for schools that donít pay their dues. It would also be a very bad look for a school not to participate.

    The NKAC doesnít mean anything and only gets talked about when it names the all star teams. Most people couldn't tell you whose in the NKAC let alone care who wins it. There is no NKAC website, itís main purpose seems to be for scheduling more than anything. Only a select number of schools circle conference games on their schedule and pretend that they mean something.
    SK doesn't have to play an NKAC schedule. No fine. They do have to attend meetings for their athletes to be recognized.
    But, they do not have to play Conference games every year, yet they continue to do so.
    Minimize it all you want, my guess is there are 26 coaches out there who would be very proud of a conference title.

    As for this game, Campbell dominated. Clearly the better team.
    Good luck to both teams in the postseason!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cameldad View Post
    With that mentality, nkufan, does any game really matter until Districts?
    I think you can answer this question yourself now.