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2015-16 6th Region Preview

After all of the regular season and district games were played, there weren't any real surprises as to who made it to the regional tournament. The draw was held last Saturday. The brackets look like this:

North Bullitt


Bullitt East

Bullitt Central

First round games are hosted by district winners(teams listed on the bottom above). The survivors advance to play in the region semifinals on Wednesday at Valley High School. The championship game will then be held at Valley on Saturday evening at 7:30.

The opening round should be fairly predictable with the only "upset" possibility being North Bullitt over Mercy? Other possible winners are PRP, Bullitt East and Butler. If this form holds, it would set up a battle between Butler and Bullitt East with only one earning the right to play for the championship.

What an exciting season it has been....best of luck to the 6th Region representative in the Sweet 16 tournament at Northern Kentucky University.