I have been helping JesseJames with the 2nd region but I will be conducting a solo mission for the remainder of the season. I will also post stat leaders for the region in another thread. There was a little movement but the race for region champion still looks to be between a handful of teams.

#1 Madisonville-North Hopkins (14-2, 7-0) UP 1
The Lady Maroons continue their dominance over region foes. I have hesitated to put them ahead of Henderson County to this point but I expect them to walk away from that January 22nd matchup with a victory. Adarian Gray continues to fill up the scorebook, Molly Stone continues to pull down boards, and the Lady Maroon defense continues to stifle opponents.

#2 Henderson County (8-6, 2-0) DOWN 1
The Lady Colonels have been without Alisha Owens for the past 2 games and have taken hard losses to Daviess County and Lincoln County. Even though Owens was out, I still believe those two teams would have been too much for the Lady Colonels. This just isn't the same Henderson County team that we are used to seeing, but they are still very good.

#3 Hopkinsville (11-8, 7-2) SAME
The Lady Tigers were penciled in to fall in these rankings until their prayers were answered by the KHSAA with the release of Janiya Davis. Her first game was a big one with 13 points, 8 rebounds and 4 blocks against crosstown rival Christian County. Her eligibility makes this big team and even bigger team that opponents will struggle to matchup with in the frontcourt.

#4 Webster County (13-6, 4-2) SAME
The Lady Trojans were penciled in to move up to 3rd in my rankings, even with Janiya Davis becoming eligible, until they lost sophomore point guard Kelsey Payne for the season to a knee injury. Even without her the Lady Trojans will be a tough out come tournament time. Especially if freshman Karlie Keeney continues to emerge as the team's best player. If you want to beat them you will have to match their physical play and hustle.

#5 Hopkins County Central (11-10, 6-2) UP 1
The Lady Storm weathered a tough schedule to open the season and even recorded a very impressive win over 3rd region power Daviess County. The beatdowns they suffered from Madisonville-North Hopkins and Webster County appear to be in the rearview mirror as they have started to hit their stride lately. The late-blooming Lady Storm will be a team others will want to avoid come tournament time.

#6 Lyon County (12-2, 10-0) DOWN 1
Despite being undefeated in region play, the Lady Lyons have yet to play a team ranked higher than 9th in these rankings. Their best region win continues to be the 2 close games they played with district rival Crittenden County, who was brutally beaten by 3 teams ranked just ahead of Lyon County (Hopkinsville, Webster County, Hopkins County Central). If they want to move into my top 5 then they must prove to be a contender when they face a top 5 opponent.

#7 Christian County (8-10, 4-3) SAME
I was optimistic for the Lady Colonels after their impressive week at Hopkins County Central's tournament, but they have been marginal at best since then. I think this is where the region rankings really start to separate between realistic contenders and those wishing on a star. The Lady Colonels could be a force to deal with in future seasons with all of their young talent but I can't see them climbing any higher than 7th in the region this season.

#8 Union County (8-10, 3-3) SAME
The Bravettes have yet to fill the void left by All-Region forward Mikayla Thompson. True to their tradition, the Bravettes play hard and play smart but it doesn't look like it will be enough to overtake Henderson County or Webster County in their district. This will be the best team to not make the region tournament yet again.

#9 Crittenden County (8-10, 6-6) SAME
The Lady Rockets will be the beneficiary of a favorable district come tournament time but expect them to be 1 and done in the 2nd region tournament. Junior Cassidy Moss has been a force with her 18 pts/gm and 9.6 reb/gm numbers, but the Lady Rockets have yet to find someone to be that 2nd scorer.

#10 University Heights (6-13, 4-4) SAME
The Lady Blazers have really struggled lately, going 2-7 since our last rankings. They can take the #9 position with a win over Crittenden County in their "All-A" matchup but don't expect them to climb much higher than that.

#11 Caldwell County (2-15, 2-9) UP 1
The Lady Tigers have gone from winless to picking up two confidence wins over #12 Livingston Central and #13 Dawson Springs. This young team is improving each game just as I expected but will not challenge Madisonville-North Hopkins or Hopkins County Central for the district.

#12 Livingston Central (3-10, 2-7) DOWN 1
The Lady Cardinals have only recorded 2 region wins, both of which were against #14 Trigg County. Sophomore Tabby Padon continues to have a big year but it won't be enough to rise above Lyon County or Crittenden County in the district.

#13 Dawson Springs (8-8, 2-7) SAME
The Lady Panthers continue to pile up wins from other small schools in Western Kentucky but continue to struggle against region competition. The game against Livingston Central tomorrow in the "All-A" should be a competitive matchup.

#14 Trigg County (7-10, 0-7)/Fort Campbell (2-12, 0-7)
The Lady Cats have started to pile up some victories since our last rankings but they still have yet to record a region win. It has been much the same for the Lady Falcons of Fort Campbell. January 21st and February 18th will be huge games for both teams as both look to get their first region victory.