Ranking Team (Overall Record; Region Record)
1. SAME Henderson County (10-1; 0-0)
The Lady Colonels will face their first region opponent on Tuesday when they host district rival #4 Webster County. Judging only from their performance against out of region foes, Henderson County looks again to be the team to beat in the 2nd region.
2. SAME Hopkinsville (13-4; 6-0)
The Lady Tigers remain undefeated in region play and their only losses out of region have been to teams that are title contenders in their respective region. Circle January 13th (at #3 Christian County) and January 24th (#1 Henderson County) on your calendars for a couple of can't miss games.
3. UP 1 Christian County (9-4; 3-0)
The Lady Colonels are still undefeated in region play but they have played most of their games out of region. They have been playing some good basketball lately with their big 3 of Jackson, Hampton and Gold leading the way.
4. DOWN 1 Webster County (7-10; 3-1)
Don't let the overall record fool you. Webster County is still a contender for the region championship. The Lady Trojans have played a tough out of region schedule and their lone region loss was to #2 Hopkinsville by a narrow margin in the season's 1st game.
5. SAME Madisonville-North Hopkins (7-6; 4-2)
The Lady Maroons have been living and dying by their post combo inside. Stone and Pepper have been matchup nightmares for opposing teams. If their guard play improves, they could move in to the discussion with the top 4 teams. For now, they are firmly placed at #5.
6. UP 1 Crittenden County (11-3; 6-1)
The Lady Rockets have been impressive so far and no one in the region is playing better than Cassidy Moss. Despite the early season loss to #9 Lyon County, the Lady Rockets still look to be the favorite in the 5th district.
7. SAME Caldwell County (10-4; 6-3)
The youth movement from last season appears to be paying off for Caldwell County. The still young Lady Tigers have played some competive games with #3 Christian County and #6 Crittenden County, but the lopsided loss yesterday to #11 Union County is a bit of a headscratcher.
8. DOWN 1 University Heights (7-7; 3-3)
The return of Anshanique Leavell with the consistency of Jordon Hornbuckle has made the Lady Blazers competitive again but they still have a way to go to even consider knocking off #2 Hopkinsville or #3 Christian County.
9. DOWN 2 Lyon County (8-3; 5-2)
The Lady Lyons have been very consistent in this rebuilding year. Their 3 losses have all been by single digits. Allison Murphy and Hannah Holloman have stepped up nicely after the loss of last year's strong senior class. They won their 1st matchup with district rival #6 Crittenden County so the rematch will be a good one to watch.
10. DOWN 4 Hopkins County Central (4-11; 2-5)
The Lady Storm are simply not playing good basketball right now. They have lost 8 of the last 9 games in this current skid. If they don't bounce back against #7 Caldwell County in their next game, it could be good bye to their hopes of returning to region.
11. SAME Union County (4-11; 2-5)
The Bravettes have been struggling to find a rhythm this season, but they may have found new life after their 19 point victory over #7 Caldwell County. Tuesday's game against #12 Livingston Central should be a closely contested one.
12. SAME Livingston Central (4-10; 2-5)
At the beginning of the season, I had the 5th district as a toss-up between Livingston Central, Crittenden and Lyon. It has been a disappointing year for the Lady Cardinals as the Jim Parks era is not off to a good start. Tuesday's game against #11 Union County is a winnable one that could help get them back on track before defending their Class A region title.
13. SAME Dawson Springs (4-6; 2-5)
The Lady Panthers are exceeding expectations this season but are still just the best of the cellar dwellers at this point. Their only 2 region wins have been over #14 Trigg County and #15 Fort Campbell.
14. SAME Trigg County (4-8; 1-6)
The Lady Cats have fallen on some hard times the past few years and this season has been no different. Their lone region win was over #15 Fort Campbell.
15. SAME Fort Campbell (0-9; 0-7)
The Lady Falcons have lost by an average margin of 30 points with only 1 single digit loss all season (West Creek, TN). With the roster always in flux it is hard to maintain stability at Fort Campbell.

Stat Rankings (as of 1/8/17)
Scoring (points/game)
1. Cassidy Moss - Crittenden County 18.8
2. Emma Lander - Henderson County 17.6
3. Alisha Owens - Henderson County 16.6
4. Aaliyah Hampton - Christian County 15.5
5. Jordon Hornbuckle - University Heights 15.1
Rebounding (rebounds/game)
1. Jordon Hornbuckle - University Heights 13.44
2. Molly Stone - Madisonville-North Hopkins 13.41
3. Talana Hardy - Hopkins County Central 12.0
4. Allison Murphy - Lyon County 10.8
5. Lauren Oliver - Trigg County 9.4
FG% (minimum 50 attempts)
1. Alisha Owens - Henderson County 73.7% (73/99)
2. Cassidy Moss - Crittenden County 57.5% (92/160)
3. Ania Lander - Hopkinsville 54.0% (54/100)
4. Jessica Winders - Webster County 52.6% (60/114)
5. Lauren Oliver - Trigg County 50.0% (34/68)
FT% (minimum 20 attempts)
1. Camryn Clift - Caldwell County 78.8% (26/33)
2. Kiara Campbell - Union County 77.1% (27/35)
3. Erin Orten - Dawson Springs 76.2% (16/21)
4. Jessica Winders - Webster County 75.5% (37/49)
5. Karlie Keeney - Webster County 75.0% (21/28)
5. Emma Lander - Henderson County 75.0% (18/24)
3PT Made (made/game)
1. Karlie Keeney - Webster County 2.6 (36/99 36.4%)
2. Emilee Hope - Henderson County 2.4 (26/77 33.8%)
3. Brynin Carver - Madisonville-North Hopkins 2.2 (26/79 32.9%)
4. Laderia Gold - Christian County 2.2 (29/101 28.7%)
5. Malaia Miller - Dawson Springs 1.4 (13/42 31.0%)

Note: Fort Campbell excluded since they have only submitted 5 of 9 stat reports