Ranking Movement Team (Overall Record; Region Record)
1. SAME Henderson County (21-3; 9-0)
The Lady Colonels have started their assault on 2nd region foes yet again. Their last 4 wins have been done so in convincing fashion. 62-22 over #7 Lyon County, 65-28 over #9 Hopkins Central, 74-37 over district rival Union County and 74-44 over 3rd region power Muhlenberg County. A few teams in region have managed to keep scoring down and keep it close with the Lady Colonels but no one has truly challenged them to this point. They will play their last 4 games out of region against very high quality competition - South Warren, Marshall County, Owensboro Catholic and Louisville Butler.
2. UP 1 Christian County (13-9; 7-2)
Christian County jumps crosstown rival Hopkinsville following their 54-49 statement win on Friday night. After going on a 5 game losing streak, the Lady Colonels took things out on the 8th district by starting a 3 game winning streak with wins over all 3 district foes. They look to be one of only a few teams that could upset #1 Henderson County if they are clicking on all cylinders.
3. DOWN 1 Hopkinsville (17-7; 9-2)
The Lady Tigers fall 1 spot after back to back losses to #1 Henderson County and #2 Christian County. They still have the tallest and one of the most talented rosters in the region so don't count them out just yet. An 8 point loss to Henderson County is not much to be ashamed about. Still look for them to get a rematch with Henderson in the region tournament.
4. SAME Webster County (13-12; 7-3)
Records are deceiving and this is especially true with the Lady Trojans. Their only region losses have been to #1 Henderson County (twice over a span of 13 days) and #3 Hopkinsville in the 1st game of the season. This Webster County team is very fundamental and shoots the basketball well. If they get hot in the region tournament you could see a 3rd straight region finals appearance.
5. SAME Madisonville-North Hopkins (15-9; 8-4)
The Lady Maroons were able to slow the game down and keep it close with #1 Henderson County 43-36 but lost in convincing fashion to #4 Webster County 58-41. The #5 spot may be the 1st team that is on the outside looking in when it comes to region champion aspirations. Expect the Lady Maroons to be competitive and keep it close until the end but they just don't have the fire power to take down the teams ranked in the top 4.
6. SAME Crittenden County (19-5; 12-2)
The Lady Rockets are fresh off a Class A Region 2 championship and even won their 1st round game of the All A State Tournament against Lexington Sayre. They have avenged their early season loss to district rival Lyon County twice in the span of 9 days. They have cemented themselves as the favorite to win the 5th district but I'm afraid their dance in the 2nd region tournament will be a short one.
7. UP 2 Lyon County (17-5; 13-3)
You can count on the Lady Lyons to play tough defense and keep scoring for the opponent low. Aside from Saturday's 62-22 loss to #1 Henderson County, the Lady Lyons have been playing some good basketball. Their only losses in the new year have been to #6 Crittenden County and they avenged an early season loss to region rival #10 Caldwell County. Expect the Lady Lyons to make the region tournament but they shouldn't be around very long.
8. SAME University Heights (12-10; 6-6)
The Lady Blazers season has been a rollercoaster. They looked at times early in the season like they could make some noise in the 8th district but lately they don't look like much of a contender. They were sent packing from the All A Region with a lopsided 51-33 loss to #7 Lyon County and have been no challenge to #2 Christian County and #3 Hopkinsville in district play. The lone bright spot over the past few weeks has been avenging an early season loss to #10 Caldwell County.
9. UP 1 Hopkins County Central (7-16; 4-9)
Shooting woes have plagued the Lady Storm this season. A quick glance at their stats will tell you simply enough: when they shoot well they win and when they don't they lose. Even though they just took a big loss to #1 Henderson County, they move up in our rankings due to a convincing 53-36 win over #10 Caldwell County.
10. DOWN 3 Caldwell County (13-9; 9-8)
The Lady Tigers have done the complete opposite of what I expected them to do this season. I expected this young team to lose a lot early in the season and get more competitive as the season goes on. After getting impressive wins over #7 Lyon County, #8 University Heights and #9 Hopkins County Central (in overtime), as well as losing by only 1 point to #6 Crittenden County, the Lady Tigers have since taken losses to all of those teams in the rematches. In order to end their region tournament drought they will have to beat Hopkins Central in their 3rd matchup of the season.
11. UP 1 Livingston Central (4-10; 4-7)
With expectations of challenging for the 5th District and defending their All A Region crown, the Lady Cardinals have been a disappoint thus far. They don't hold any wins over top 10 teams in the region with the only region wins coming from #12 Union County (twice) and district rival #14 Trigg County (twice).
12. DOWN 1 Union County (7-17; 4-9)
The Bravettes are searching for light at the end of the tunnel. They not been able to stay within 20 points of either district opponent in those 4 games and only have 1 win over top 10 teams in the region (#10 Caldwell County).
13. SAME Dawson Springs (9-13; 3-12)
The Lady Panthers have had some success against other All A schools but have struggled againt teams ranked above them in the region. Their 3 region wins have came over #14 Trigg County (in overtime) and #15 Fort Campbell (twice)
14. SAME Trigg County (5-15; 1-10)
The Lady Cats continue to struggle and still only have 1 region win (#15 Fort Campbell). They have a rematch with #13 Dawson Springs to avenge their overtime loss and will face #15 Fort Campbell again in the season finale.
15. SAME Fort Campbell (0-21; 0-14)
The Lady Falcons remain winless and, aside from a 3 point loss to Russellville on Saturday and an 8 point loss to Clarksville West Creek, all losses have been by 12 or more points. The lower ranked teams in the region have appeared to separate themselves from Fort Campbell with #13 Dawson Springs (26 and 12 point losses) and #14 Trigg County (12 point loss) winning in convincing fashion.

Stat Ranking (as of 2/5/17)
Scoring (points/game)

1. Alisha Owens - Henderson County 20.0
2. Jordon Hornbuckle - University Heights 16.6
3. Emma Lander - Henderson County 16.4
4. Cassidy Moss - Crittenden County 16.3
5. Tabby Padon - Livingston Central 16.1
Rebounding (rebounds/game)
1. Molly Stone - Madisonville-North Hopkins 15.2
2. Jordon Hornbuckle - University Heights 13.8
3. Talana Hardy - Hopkins County Central 11.2
4. Lauren Oliver - Trigg County 10.9
5. Trinitee Jackson - Christian County 9.9
FG% (minimum 75 attempts)
1. Alisha Owens - Henderson County 67.8% (177/261)
2. Lauren Oliver - Trigg County 51.497% (86/167)
3. Ania Lander - Hopkinsville 51.492% (69/134)
4. Tabby Padon - Livingston Central 51.31% (117/228)
5. Cassidy Moss - Crittenden County 51.26% (142/277)
FT% (minimum 35 attempts)
1. Karlie Keeney - Webster County 79.2% (38/48)
2. Aaliyah Hampton - Christian County 75.0% (105/140)
3. Marissa Austin - Webster County 73.8% (45/61)
4. Kiara Campbell - Union County 72.3% (47/65)
5. Jessica Winders - Webster County 71.2% (74/104)
3PT Made (made/game)
1. Brynin Carver - Madisonville-North Hopkins 2.63 (58/173 33.5%)
2. Laderia Gold - Christian County 2.57 (54/179 30.2%)
3. Karlie Keeney - Webster County 2.4 (58/152 38.2%)
4. Emilee Hope - Henderson County 1.8 (40/110 36.4%)
5. Jenna White - Lyon County 1.6 (33/87 37.9%)

Note: Fort Campbell excluded since they have only submitted 5 stat reports to KHSAA