2017-2018 BluegrassPreps.com Girls Week 8 Top 20 Discussion

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    2017-2018 BluegrassPreps.com Girls Week 8 Top 20 Discussion

    1. Sacred Heart
    2. Mercer County
    3. Murray
    4. Butler
    5. Campbell County
    6. Male
    7. Elizabethtown
    8. South Warren
    9. Scott County
    10. Ryle
    11. Lincoln County
    12. Boyd County
    13. Mercy
    14. George Rogers Clark
    15. Conner
    16. Anderson County
    17. Simon Kenton
    18. Manual
    19. Shelby Valley
    20. Harlan County

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    Hard to argue with this top 20 in my opinion. Again, nice job JJ!

    Looks like CC climbed a tad to the chagrin of Male it would appear. Male is the certainly the real deal and playing great basketball. Mercer was just crazy red hot in that game kind of like SHA was all weekend.

    Only a few teams I am not too familiar with via South Warren & Scott County. Hear great things about both though. Murray also appears to be back in same great form as last year.

    Looks like GRC is coming back to life? They had really nice win over higher ranked Lincoln ... but then had (what I consider) a bad loss vs Manual in the LIT.

    My opinion (like a number of other posters here) is that SHA & Mercer are the top 2 teams via the blood, schedule, carnage, record, tradition, etc to prove it. On the other hand, would have imagined VERY FEW would have guessed Mercer to win the Big Dance last year. This year is even CRAZIER than last year. No offense to SHA, but (I think) Butler was MUCH the heavier favorite last year than either SHA or Mercer are this year.

    This year's tourney is SO WIDE OPEN ... whomever wants to jump up and grab it will bring home the hardware!