2017-2018 BluegrassPreps.com Girls Week 5 Top 20 Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by passtheball View Post
    I really can't compare the top three of all the top teams because I don't get to see them play enough to make that kind of statement. There are only a few on BGP that have seen all of these girls play over the last few years during the season and in the summer to make that kind of judgment.

    The top three schools and a few others all have really talented players on their squad and it will come down to which team executes their game plan, commits the least errors, and gets a little something called luck on their side that will determine who wins the sweet sixteen.

    The upcoming game between CC and SHA only helps each team get better and help them towards their goal of winning a State Championship. Other than that, the game in early Feb means little. That happened to SHA last year when they beat Butler two weeks before the Sweet sixteen, then lost to them in the opening round.

    First things first, I hope both teams have their sights on getting out of their region. Both teams are probably ranked first in their region, but they still have to win. Either team can be knocked off. We see it every year.

    I'm looking forward to a game between two top level girls basketball teams instead of a blow out win by 30-50 points. Good luck to the Camels.
    Agree. Hoping my Cards will have something to do about this.....