2017-2018 BluegrassPreps.com Girls Week 4 Top 20 Discussion

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    2017-2018 BluegrassPreps.com Girls Week 4 Top 20 Discussion

    1. Mercer County
    2. Sacred Heart
    3. Campbell County
    4. Murray
    5. Butler
    6. Male
    7. Ryle
    8. Lincoln County
    9. Elizabethtown
    10. South Warren
    11. Conner
    12. Eastern
    13. Harlan County
    14. Boyd County
    15. Scott County
    16. Mercy
    17. Graves County
    18. Manual
    19. George Rogers Clark
    20. Anderson County

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    Nice to see Anderson County with a little recognition. Very young team with only one senior. Three of four losses have come to teams ranked above them. Face top ranked Mercer County next Monday.

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    The #20 spot is a tough spot to be in as it changes every release. Congrats to the teams that make it there and climb up the rankings.

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    Heard some good things about Anderson. Unless I have my regions mixed up they would appear to be a front runner for 8th Region Title. Had SK not experienced the injury to Niece and the transfer of the Harney kid, the nod likely would have gone to SK. Hear Niece is working out now and been on some type of official release ... but whether she makes it back by March is a whole different matter. Think the prevalent lean re the "whether" she returns is that she doesn't.