You Make the Call

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    My one Devil's Advocate point to make...

    If the official couldn't see the ball, you could make an argument that he is assuming the ball is over the plane. That's probably a safe assumption, but not one image we've seen definitively shows the ball in the endzone. Now, the official could have seen where the ball was prior the the runners back being turned and that's why he was so confident in the call.

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    If it's a tie as to whether the ball has crossed the goal line, who gets the call? I assume the burden of proof is on the team trying to score. Kind of like a civil lawsuit where if there is a tie, the plaintiff loses because he/she has not proven his/her case.

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    He looks like he got in but just barely. The apex of his progress looked to be an inch over the goal line before being pushed back. Extremely close but he got it imo.