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    Xenith Helmet Technology

    Football Helmet Technology | Xenith

    I am no expert, but I have been around the game my entire life. My first memory of football helmets is my Dad taking the job at Boyle and spray painting all of them gold. I can still see all those suspension helmets, freshly painted, in the area next to the back door of the HS leading out to the parking lot.

    And, while I could give you a rather long post on all the helmets between now and 1969, , I will just say that I believe the Xenith is the best/safest helmet out there based on all the things a coach does in trying to find the best he can for his players. For me, it starts with the foundation of the shock absorber system.

    My son wore a Xenith from middle school thru HS. Ironically, his 2nd concussion, both were significant, ended his football career as a senior in HS. No helmet can eliminate the "whiplash" concussion and I do believe the severity of at least one of the concussions was lessened because he wore a Xenith. I think several times the Xenith prevented a concussion for him.

    Football is a great game and I am a big fan of Xenith. My son is a freshman in college. The benefits of HS football far outweigh the negatives and those positives impact him each day as an adult....not to mention the experience and memories he has from those Friday nights.