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This one is inspired by the BGPreps faithful. I knocked this out before heading to Friday Night Camp.... we may have 100 kids tonight. I love KY HS Football!

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My Dad's first Boyle team in 1969 after a practice in August. These guys look tired, but they became a very good team!

In the past couple days I have talked to two very successful coaches and at very strong programs who were having trouble getting their kids to attend practices/workouts. We have tried to build in some flexibility in July and this is how we do it.

From the end of the dead period until we start official "practice" , we have "workouts." For our guys to earn their Pr1de shorts, they must have no unexcused absences from workouts in July. In early/mid July, we will still allow our guys to miss for church camps, family vacations, and other legitimate reasons, as long as they communicate with us ahead of schedule.

Also, for the first two weeks, we only go 3 days a week. Each workout is 3 hours and they are pretty intense....county fair agilities, lifting on the whistle, and then Coach Duffy's jingle jangles. We will also hit all 3 phases of the game and do as much as we can without any pads. I also like the extra recovery time they get because of how our workouts are spaced out while are kids are getting acclimated to the heat, humidity, & work load. We have already had one young man have significant dehydration issues. He is fine and he is safe, but it is taking his body time to adapt. The extra rest and recovery time will benefit our guys.

On the 3rd week, we have a 3 hour workout on Monday, conditioning test on Tuesday, and finally official PRACTICE begins on that Wednesday. Now, to miss, it generally means a death in the family or a serious illness is all that will excuse a young man. Why do I say generally? Because there can always be exceptions. I try not to put myself in a corner where I would be unfair or make a decision that I know is wrong.

Why are we flexible with workouts? I have a hard time telling a kid he can't go to church camp in mid-July. Some of our parents work in factories. They have no control over when they have vacation. I have had kids that were earning college basketball scholarships in July. I am going to work with those guys because it is important to their future. A college degree is a game changer for a young man and his family.

This is the format with a few tweaks here & there that we have used for 26 years. Most of the time it has worked well. I think the kids & families appreciate our attempt to be flexible and fair.

Besides, my Dad always told me, "If you can't get them ready in three weeks, you aren't a very good football coach!"

If any coach has a better way to navigate July, please email me at