Why is A.J. Mayer going to Miami of Ohio?

Page 6 of To me, AJ looks way beyond Miami of Ohio. Additionally, I turned Miami on last week during one of those weekly MAC games on TV and I am not sure anyone... 77 comments | 12798 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    He may not have gone to big time camps or someone just probably dropped the ball. To me if kids like him gets over looked thats on his coaches not doing their job. He can definitely play!

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Graham View Post
    Whoa, whoa, whoa... say what? AJ Mayer starts this past season for Moeller, Elder and LaSalle all day, every day. X had Chase Wolf whose going to Wisconsin and Iím not sure AJ doesnít win that job too. Kam starts at all four GCL schools...easily and for multiple years.

    Dang, I guess every Ohio QB goes 18/25 for 350 a game all the time...
    I am from Ohio and follow their high school football a little bit and have relatives still playing there. You don't see an AJ or a few other Ky QB's any given night. I have seen AJ play twice and saw the kid from Cincy St X at a few camps. I believe AJ is better and would beat him out to start. Also believe a few other kids in Ky could also win that job. But congrats to that kid for getting the full ride to Wisconsin.
    As far as not getting looks I met AJ and his dad at a Big Ten Schools Junior Day. He was getting "looks". Not sure how many other big schools were in touch with him. Why they didn't offer is a question for those coaches or maybe AJ's coach. Very hard to say. The difference between some of these kids is very small and in some cases maybe just "intangibles" based on what the coach is looking for. Who knows. But I believe he will do just fine at Miami and get a top notch education.

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    One of the nicest kids I ever met I will be cheering for him at Miami Ohio.